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July 2016, "Tenjin Matsuri", one of the Japan's biggest festivals is coming! Let's enjoy Summer in Osaka with must see "Fireworks and Girls Mikoshi"!

Summer seasonal specialty in Osaka is "Tenjin Matsuri"!

July is the beginning of Summer!
One of the Janan's biggest festivals (Kyoto"Gionmatsuri"・Tokyo "Kandamatsuri"・Osaka "Tenjinmatsuri"), Tenjin Matsuri is coming again in 2016!

Tenjin Matsuri is a traditional festival with more than 1000 years history, and the most attractive specialties in every year are "Fireworks" and "Girls Mikoshi (portable shrine)(official name "Tenjin Matsuri female Mikoshi")".

In 2016, of course, these two important events are planned to take place.

On the day of Girls Mikoshi (July 23), the float is paraded through "Osaka Tenmangu" and the longest shopping street in Japan"Tenjinbashi-suji shopping street" which represents Osaka. On July 25, the day of Fireworks, more than 100 Funatogyo boats decorated with lanterns on Okawa river (ex-Yodo river) running through Osaka city, which is the highlight of the festival, and over 5,000 spectacular fireworks decorate the festival.

In 2016, "Tenjin Matsuri Girls Mikoshi" is scheduled on July 23, and "Tenjin Matsuri Fireworks" on July 25.
Please check the latest schedule of the festival.

Table of contents for Tenjin Matsuri 2016

1, 2016 edition! Event information and useful information of Tenjin Matsuri (Fireworks & Girls Mikoshi)
2, Recommended spots to watch Tenjin Matsuri fireworks!
3, Tenjin Matsuri in photos (Fireworks & Girls Mikoshi)
4, Comments from EnjoyJapan! Editorial dept.
5, 2016 edition! Access information to the venue of Tenjin Matsuri
6, Recommended information around of Tenjin Matsuri venue

1, 2016 edition! Event information and useful information of Tenjin Matsuri (Fireworks & Girls Mikoshi)

Name: Tenjin Matsuri (Fireworks & Girls Mikoshi)
Name in English: TENJIN MATSURI
Prefecture : Osaka
Area : Osaka city

・Girls Mikoshi/from Osaka Tenmangu to Tenjinbashi shopping street
・Fireworks/from Sakuranomiya to Kyobashi, Tenmabashi area


・Girls Mikoshi/2-1-8, Tenjinbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka city, Osaka
・Fireworks/5-1-22, Nakano-cho, Miyakojima-ku, Osaka city, Osaka


・Girls Mikoshi/06-6358-0459


・Girls Mikoshi/Saturday, July 23rd, 2016
・Fireworks/Monday, July 25th, 2016 ※Will be cancelled if rains


・Girls Mikoshi/Around 12:00〜17:00
・Fireworks/Around 18:00〜21:00


・Fireworks/Sakuranomiya area, Kyobashi area amd Tenmabashi area
・Girls Mikoshi/Osaka Tenmangu area, Tenjinbashisuji shopping street area

Parking: No special parking

※There are metered parking lots nearby, but it is supposed to be very crowded, therefore, transportation by trains is recommended.

Official site:

・Osaka Tenmangu sitehttp://www.tenjinsan.com/tjm.html
・Tenjinmatsuri Infornamtion sitehttp://www.tenjinmatsuri.com/
・Tenjinmatsuri Gals floathttp://galmikoshi.com/index.html

Useful information

Useful info of the main events of Tenjin Matsuri, such as "Tenjin Matsuri Girls Mikoshi" and "Tenjin Matsuri Fireworks"

●Tenjin Matsuri Girls Mikoshi

Less than 10 minutes walk from a station: Yes
Free Wi-Fi: Unknown

Girls Mikoshi parade map:

Gals float parade map
Quote: from Tenjinmatsuri Gals float official site: http://galmikoshi.com/img/template/map.png

●Tenjin Matsuri Fireworks

Less than 10 minutes walk from a station: Yes
Free Wi-Fi: Unknown
Number of fireworks: Approx 5,000
Special seats available: Reservation necessary (charged)

Tenjin Matsuri Fireworks venue pap:

Tenjinmatsuri Fireworks venue map
Quote: from Tenjin Matsuri General information site: http://www.tenjinmatsuri.com/info/view

2, Recommended spots to watch the Tenjin Matsuri Fireworks!

Tenjin Matsuri fireworks is so famous festival and many people come to see it not only from Osaka but also from all over Japan.
Therefore, it is very crowded and once it started, it is really hard to find a good view spot where fireworks can be seen well.

Today I would like to introduce some places where you can watch beautiful fireworks for sure.

Watch closely! See the fireworks in bleachers (*to be charged)

Note: In order to take seats in bleachers, advance ticket purchase is necessary.

●Tenjin Matsuri dedicated fireworks special bleachers: on the opposite shore of Osaka Zoheikyoku
(Nearest station: Osakajo kitazume)

Day and time: Monday, July 25th, 2016/18:30~21:00
Venue: Opposite shore of Zoheikyoku
Fee: 8,500 yen/※Open seating, meal box and tea included

Click here to buy the ticket

●Tenjin Matsuri Sakuranomiya Funatogyo (boats with worshiped objects) bleachers: in front of Osaka Imperial Hotel
(Nearest station: Sakuranomiya)

Day and Time: Monday, July 25th, 2016/18:00~21:00
Venue: On the opposite shore of Zoheikyoku
Fee:15,000 yen/※500 yen coupon usable in the kiosk and fan included

Click here to buy the ticket

●Tenjin Matsuri dedicated fireworks special bleachers: in front of Osaka Imperial hotel
(Nearest station: Sakuranomiya)

Day and Time:Monday, July 25th, 2016/18:00~21:00
Venue:Osaka Fureai no mizube ※Genpachi bashi (bridge) downstream left shore beach

Table seat:1 table/22,000 yen ※5,500 yen/4 seats
Beach open seating (with leisure sheet) :4,000 yen/seat

Click here to buy the ticket

●OMM building seats
(Nearest station: Tenma bashi)

Day and Time:Monday, July 25th, 2016/19:30~21:00
Venue: OMM builging 21F
Fee:18,000 yen/※with special meal box

Click here to buy the ticket

●Tenmabashi Funatogyo bleachers
(Nearest station: Tenmabashi)

Day and Time: Monday, July 25th, 2016/18:00~21:00
Venue: Right there around Tenmabashi station
Fee:6,000 yen~11,500 yen

Click here to buy the ticket

Watch the fireworks from Funatogyo, the boat decorated with lanterns

●Tenjinmatsuri Funatogyo/worshiping boat ticket

Day and Time:Monday, July 25th/19:30~21:00
Venue: OMM building 21F
Fee:18,000 yen/※with meal box and tea

Click here to buy the ticket

If you want to watch the Tenjin Matsuri fireworks, these bleachers seats reservation is recommended. Please note that the recommended areas to see the fireworks are all crowded on the day.

3, Tenjin Matsuri in photos (Fireworks&Girls Mikoshi)

From now on, let's see previous Tenjin Matsuri's pictures and videos.

Tenjin Matsuri Girls Mikoshi

Please see the parade of Girls Mikoshi through Tenjinbashi-suji shopping street!

Tenjinmatsuri Gals float
Quote: Girls Mikoshi Official site /http://galmikoshi.com/

Tenjinmatsuri Gals float
Quote: Girls Mikoshi Official site /http://galmikoshi.com/

Tenjinmatsuri Gals float
Quote: Girls Mikoshi Official site /http://galmikoshi.com/

As we have seen, girls who represent Osaka city cheer up Tenjinbashi-suji shopping street!

Please watch the local specialty of Tenjin Matsuri, Girls Mikoshi video.

It is excited to see 2016 Girls Mikoshi!

Tenjin Matsuri Fireworks

Please see the photos of Tenjin Matsuri Fireworks!

Tenjinmatsuri fireworks

Quote: instagram/nagisa_3678さん

Tenjinmatsuri Fireworks

Tenjinmatsuri fireworks
Quote: Tenjin Matsuri information site/http://www.tenjinmatsuri.com

Tenjinmatsuri Funatogyo

On the day of the fireworks, together with gorgeous fireworks which decorate Summer night sky, there are Funatogyo(boats decorated with lanterns) floating on Okawa river and many food stalls along the river.

Please watch the video of the fireworks.

Here is the video of Funatogyo boats.

4, Comments from EnjoyJapan! Edit dept.


Summer starts all of sudden in July in Osaka. Also this year Summer seasonal specialty "Tenjin Matsuri" is coming soon. "Girls Mikoshi" is on July 23rd and "Fireworks" on July 25th in 2016. We can't wait.

It should be exciting festival with Girls Mikoshi being paraded through Tenjinbashi-suji shopping street, the longest shopping street in Japan, to Osaka Tenmangu! Besides, there are many recommended viewing spots for the fireworks such as Sakuranomiya area and Tenmabashi area. Furthermore, there will be many night food stalls along Okawa river, so you can walk nibbling the snacks.

At the end, please bear in mind that this is a famous festival which represents Osaka city and takes place every year.
Let's keep good manner, bring own trashes back with you, give ways to the others when crowded. Festival is a time to enjoy, and let's make it all together.

5, 2016 edition! Access information to Tenjinmatsuri venues

Access information to Tenjin Matsuri Fireworks venues

Address: 5-1-22, Nakano-cho, Miyakojima-ku, Osaka city, Osaka
Tel: 06-6452-6452
Transportation (Train): Right there when you get off at "Sakuranomiya"station JR Kanjo line

Access to information Tenjin Matsuri Girls Mikoshi

Address: 2-1-8, Tenjinbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka city, Osaka
Tel: 06-6353-0025
Transportation (Train):

5 minutes walk from "Minamimorimachi" station of Osaka city metro Tanimachi line or Sakaisuji line
5 minutes walk from exit #3 of "Osaka Tenmangu" station of JR Tozai line

6, Recommended information around Tenjinmatsuri venues

※to be ready soon

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