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"Arima Onsen" is one of the three major old hot spring in Japan! The Best OMOTENASHI in the Luxury Inn "Nakanobo Zuien"

Arima Onsen Nakanobo Zuien chartered Ginsen outdoor bath Aomori Hiba

Arima Onsen Nakanobo Zuien chartered Ginsen outdoor bath Aomori Hiba
Arima Onsen in Kobe Hyogo is one of the three major old hot spring in Japan.
Many Onsen lovers come from all over Japan to this hot spring resort. There are lots of Onsen Inn in Arima Onsen, "Arima Grand Hotel" is the famous inn. "Aarima Grand Hotel" has sister Inn which is more luxury and has relaxed atmosphere.
That Inn is "Nakanobo Zuien"

Nakanobo Zuien's hot spring has good spring quality which is the feature of Arima Onsen and it attracts many Onsen lovers. You can enjoy "Kin sen(Gold hot spring water)" and "Gin sen(Silver hot spring water)" of Arima Onsen in this inn.

The feature of Nakanobo Zuien Inn is "Luxury space only for the adult" and you can feel the full of their hospitality "OMOTENASHI". For example, the room has various style for customer's taste and they use seasonal food to prepare the meal. They require many things for their quality and hospitality.

Nakanobo Zuien has great hospitality for their concept, facilities, equipment, service for the customers. We can understand that the customers who have stayed here make the great evaluation. Then, today we would like to introduce the great features of "Nakanobo Zuien".

Table of contents for this article

1,Basic and Useful information
2,Hotel facilities
3,The Rooms
4,What is the great point of "Nakanobo Zuien"?
5,Restaurant & Bar
6,Other service
7,Access information

1,Basic and Useful information

Basic information

Nakanobo's Garden

Name: Arima Onsen Nakanobo Zuien
Prefecture: Hyogo
Area: Kobe city (Arima Onsen)
Address: H808 Arima-cho, Kita-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo
Tel: 078-904-0787, 078-904-0781/for the reservation
Hotel rank: Luxury class
Average Price:¥27,000~
※this price vary from the season. please check the official web site.
Check in:13:00
Check out:12:00
Official web site: http://www.zuien.jp/

Useful information

Less than 10 min walk from a station: ◯
Free Wi-Fi: Unknown
Credit Card: AMEX/VISA/Master Card/JCB/Diners Club/UFJ/etc
Staff who can speak foreign language: Unknown
Number of rooms: 52 rooms
Founded year: in 1868 ※Start as Nakanobo Inn
Accompanied with: friend/date/family/alone

The comment from EnjoyJapan! Edit dept:
Famous and popular luxury Inn in Arima Onsen. We highly recommend the people who want to spend time in extraordinary and luxury atmosphere!

2,Hotel's facilities

Swimming pool:☓
Fitness club:☓
Onsen: ◯ ※Natural hot spring
Sauna: ◯
Shopping :◯ ※There is a shop in the lobby
Business Center:☓
Laundry service:☓
Laundry machine:☓
Vending machine:◯
Convenience store:☓
Massage service:◯
Smoking room:◯

3,The Rooms

Room Type1

Style: Japanese Tatami room
Bed: Futon
Average price: ¥27,000~/person
Room size: 14.5m2

Room Type2

Style: Japanese Tatami room
Bed: Futon
Average price: ¥28,000~/person
Room size: 18.2m2

Room Type3

Style: Japanese modern room
Bed: 2 double beds ※width 140 cm × length 206 cm
Average: ¥30,000円~/person
Room size:16.4 m2

Room Type4

Style: Japanese Tatami room with Ginsen Rotenburo(Outdoor bath)
Bed: Futon
Average price: ¥35,000~/person
Room size: 22.8 m2

Room Type5

Style: Japanese Tatami room with Kinsen Rotenburo(Outdoor bath)
Bed: Futon
Average price: ¥40,000~/person
Room size: 22.8 m2

4,Room facilities

Air conditioner:◯
Cable TV:
Room service:◯
Internet LAN:◯
Wi-Fi in the room: ◯
Safe in the room:◯
Room clothes:◯
Bath room:◯
Hair dryer:◯
Towel・Bath Towel:◯
Electric Kettle:◯
Air cleaner:◯
Bath room amenities:◯

※Shampoo/Conditioner/Body soap/Hand soap/Cleansing foam/Lotion/Razor/Comb/Teeth brash set/Cosmetic cotton/Others

5,Why people love "Nakanobo Zuien"?

"Nakanobo Zuien" is the famous and luxury Onsen inn in Arima Onsen.
They have a high customer satisfaction level and many repeat customers.
So now, we show the feature of Nakanobo Zuien and "Why they grip a customer's heart?"

Luxury space only for adult

When you come to Onsen, you may prefer to spend your time in calm and extraordinary place. "Nakanobo Zuien" is the perfect place to stay. Because this Onsen inn accept only over 14 years old so you can stay in luxury and relaxed atmosphere.

Colored carp in Nakanobo Zuien

In the lobby, there is a pond lead to the outside and you can watch the colored carps swimming there.

Omotenashi Macha

Omotenashi Japanese sweets

Just you arrive at Nakanobo Zuien, you will receive their "OMOTENASHI" with Japanese green tea and sweets.

First of all, go to the large public bath! Feel relax and refresh at the "Kin sen(Gold hot spring water)".

The entrance of large public bath

There is Kin sen and Gin sen in Arima Onsen and they are known that the spring water quality is better than other Onsen. In the large public bath, you can take the Kin sen it is called "Aka yu (Red spring water)".

In the outdoor bath, there are Hinoki(Japanese cypress) bath and Akamikage bath(red colored tile) and you can take a bath feeling the breeze and watching the scene of the nature.This Onsen is one of the greatest point of Nakanobo Zuien.

Also you can use the bath amenities(Towel, soap, toothbrush etc.) free.


After you take the large public bath, you can use the small lobby where there is a self service free drink area and also between 13:30~19:00 mini canned beer is available. You can make relax here with drink or beer.

Select the the pillow

In the same area of large public bath, there is a space displaying the pillow. You can choose the pillow you like among the 6 different pillows. When you chose the pillow please tell it to a waitress and she put it in your room. You will have a great sleep with the best pillow.

Chartered Gin sen outdoor bath! Enjoy your private time!

Chartered Gin sen outdoor bath Aomori Hiba

"Aomori Hiba" is the no charged chartered outdoor bath in the 6th floor. This is the only bath which you can take Gin sen in Nakanobo Zuien. There is only Gin sen bathtub and no space for wash the body but it's clean and you can see the scene, feel the breeze and make relax.

Chartered Gin sen outdoor bath Aomori Hiba

This bath doesn't accept reservation so you have to come and check if it available or not . But people don't take the bath so long because the spring water is little be hot. There is a lock inside and also a signal to others in outside, so you don't worry about if some one will come in.
There is also another chartered bath,Family bath(charged) . This is good for family or group taking the bath comfortably.

●Chartered Gin sen outdoor bath Aomori Hiba
※No towel, please bring the towel from the room.

●Family bath
Open: 6:30~23:00
Price: ¥2,160/hour

Choose the "Meal" and "Stay plan"

Meal of Nakanobo Zuien

Delicious food is important for Onsen trip. "Nakanobo Zuien" has "Seasonal food plan", "Hyogo's food and local specialties", "Chef's special", "Season's limited plan" and others so you can choose the plan you like.
Also you can choose having the dinner in your room or at the private room in the restaurant.

Breakfast ※Vary according to the season.

They have a "Celebration plan" for birthday, wedding anniversary,and long life.

OMOTENASHI for Celebration plan

OMOTENASHI for Celebration plan

In the "Celebration plan", drink service in lounge, commemorative photo in the garden, grilled sea bream service, Chanchan ko(special red clothe) and flowers in the room for long life celebration. These service is good for the celebration.

Marvelous "OMOTENASHI"! Warm hospitality of Nakanobo Zuien

Now Japanese "OMOTENASHI" culture is known for foreign countries.
And it is no exaggeration that Nakanobo Zuien's service is the best. Because all stuff works so well and their hosts are very attentive to their wants. So you can stay comfortably in the inn.

It is difficult to express into words but hospitality and warmth of the stuff is the Nakanobo Zuien's Omotenashi.

Because they are luxury inn it is not easy to stay often but their service is more valuable than the price. It is sure that you will be never disappointed


Shunsai INANO

the room
Source by: http://www.zuien.jp/building/inano.html

You can enjoy the best seasonal food.
They have Lunch menu and Dinner menu. Please taste excellent food.
INANO is also available for the guests who don't stay Nakonobo zuien. There is a "Day Trip Menu"

※Last Order is 20:00 for course menu 20:30 for others
Tel: 078-904-0785

Lounge "SATORAKU"/Lounge "RIRAKU"

Looking at the Japanese garden you can spend luxury time.
Drink for Celebration plan is available here.

Open:7:00~0:00 ※L.O 23:30

Karaoke Bar "Century"

After the dinner, enjoy the karaoke or cocktail here.


Cover charge: ¥1,080( with snacks)/person
Karaoke: ¥216/song
Private room (there are 2 rooms): ¥7,560/hour

7,Other Service

Pick up bus between Hotel and Airport:☓
Rental PC:☓
Breakfast:◯ ※Charged(depends on the staying plan)
Room service:◯
Delivery service:◯ ※Charged
Wake-up call:◯
24 hours reception:◯
Car parking:◯
Massage service in the room:◯
Baggage room:◯
Other rental equipment:

First-aid kit
Electric foot warmer
Desk lamp
Trouser press
Extra bed
Hair iron
DVD player

8,Access information

Address: 808 Arima-cho, Kita-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo

078-904-0781/for Reservation


(by Train)
3 min walk from Kobe dentetsu "Arima Onsen" station ※There is a pick-up bus

(by Bus)
3 min walk from Hankyu bus "Arima Onsen" from "Hankyu Umeda" station ※There is a pick-up bus
3 min walk from Arima Express bus "Arima Onsen" from "JR Osaka" station ※There is a pick-up bus

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