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The Tempura place that opens at midnight!? Let's experience the crispy and delicious Tempura at the popular "DAIKICHI" where there is a consistent waiting line.


Tempura is one of the cuisines that represent Japan. It is very popular among foreign people as well.
Speaking of such Tempura, there is a very popular shop in Sakai city in Osaka which opens at midnight. It is very popular that there is always a waiting line.

The name of the shop is TEMPURA "DAIKICHI."

It is located in the seafood market "Sakai Uoichiba," in the southern Osaka area in Sakai city. The shop opens at midnight (12am) on weekdays and at 11pm on holidays and weekends.

In spite of the late hours, it is so popular that people stand in waiting line from before the opening.
In addition, surprisingly, the waiting line would not disappear until morning.

The reason for the popularity is the delicious taste!
The secret to the delicious taste is the fresh ingredients available from the market where it is located in. The Tempura served at the shop is freshly deep fried with very fresh, crispy crust. In addition. we cannnot forget the secret "Ten-tsuyu (dipping sauce)" with grated daikon in it.
Once you have a bite, you will understand why people wait in line.

Another reason for the popularity is the reasonable pricing. vegetable Tempura is "100 yen" and seafood Tempura is from "150 yen" to "300 yen."

The asari clam shells that are scattered on the floor is a fun discovery for the first timers.

At TEMPURA"DAIKICHI," believe it or not, there is a rule that the customers have to throw the asari clam shells in the asari soup on the floor. The first timers are usually very surprised with this custom.

These days, TEMPURA "DAIKICHI" has become a famous shop that many customers come all the way from far.
We invite you to try the delicious Tempura at a very energetic shop.

Here we introduce the detailed information of the popular "DAIKICHI" which opens at midnight.

TEMPURA "DAIKICHI (in Sakai Uoichiba)" -Contents -

1,Basic and useful information of TEMPURA "DAIKICHI"
2,Open at midnight at 12am?! What are the secrets to the popularity and the waiting line.?
3,Reasonable pricing starting from 100 yen! TEMURA menu of "DAIKICHI"
5,The second shop of TEMPURA "DAIKICHI" in Nanba
6,Comments from EnjoyJapan! Editorial dept.
7,Access to TEMPURA "DAIKICHI (in Sakai Uoichiba)"
8.Recommended information near TEMPURA "DAIKICHI (in Sakai Uoichiba)"

1,Basic and useful information of TEMPURA "DAIKICHI (in Sakai Uoichiba)

Basic information

@5chaaaami19が投稿した写真 -


Name: TEMPURA "DAIKICHI (in Sakai Uoichiba)"
English name:DAIKICHI
Area:Osaka Sakai area
Postal code:590-0971
Address:Sakai Uoichiba, 2-4-28 Sakaebashi-cho, Sakai-ku, Sakai city, Osaka-fu
Closed:Monday ※Closed from Sunday midnight to Monday.


※Open until 14:00 (2pm) on the second Sunday of every month

Official site:n/a
Tabelog site:https://tabelog.com/osaka/A2705/A270501/27003106/

Useful information

Average minimum cost :up to about 3000 yen/person
Within 10 minutes' walk from the nearest station:◯
Free Wi-Fi:n/a
Credit Card:n/a
Interior (Seatings/Type of seating):Counter/Tables available
Purpose:Family/Friends/Solo OK/Date
Foreign language speaking staff:n/a
Non-smoking・smoking:Smoking allowed in entire area
Parking:Yes ※Free Parking in the market area
Take out:Yes
Other useful information:

・Waiting line is long and it would be crowded around the opening but it is less crowded later in the morning.

2,Open at midnight at 12am?! What are the secrets to the popularity and the waiting line.?

yoho1223さん(@yoho1223)が投稿した写真 -


Yukariさん(@yuuuun18)が投稿した写真 -



The waiting line at DAIKICHI after its opening at midnight

TEMPURA "DAIKICHI" was originally a shop for people who work at the fish market early in the morning.

It became popular among other people after it was introduced on TV and in magazines. It is amazing that people keep forming waiting lines in spite of the late hours, from midnight on weekdays and from 11pm on weekends and holidays, which are incovenient hours for most people.

Now, let us take a look at the secrets to the popularity.

First of all, let's look at the freshly deep fried, delicious "TEMPURA" !

こせりさん(@ksrnn)が投稿した写真 -



First of all, we need to take a look at DAIKICHI's signature "TEMPURA"!

The order is made by writing the order on a paper prepared on the table and giving it to the staff. As the order is placed, they start frying TEMPURA one after another.
The freshly fried TEMPURA is amazingly delicious with crispy crust.


We can see how delicious it is just from looking at the photo!

You may be worried thinking "Isn't eating TEMPURA at midnight heavy on stomach?" but don't worry, because ''DAIKICHI''s TEMPURA is not greasy with its light crust.

@tony_yuki_24が投稿した写真 -


Another reason for refreshing aftertaste of their TEMPURA is the large amonut of grated Daikon served with their original TENTSUYU (dipping sauce).
Of course, their ingredients are very fresh, coming directly from the market.

"Asari Clam Miso Soup" with many large Asari clams! Drop their shells on the floor!?



"Asari Jiru" is another signature menu that most visitors order with TEMPURA.

The miso soup with large 'Asari clam' is tasty with the rich flavor of Asari clam.
It is very tastey especially during the cold season; it warms our bodies up.

The first-timers are surprised with the custom of dropping the clam shells on the floor. What a unique style!


Quote:instagram/Yukiko Kitamuraさん

As you can see, there are many shells on the floor like this.
It is exciting to hear about such unique shop.

3,3,Reasonable pricing starting from 100 yen! TEMURA menu of "DAIKICHI"


At "DAIKICHI," we can enjoy the freshly made TEMPURA made with fresh ingredients directly purchased from the market and the amazing point is the reasonable pricing. Vegetable TEMPURA is "100 yen" and Seafood TEMPURA starts from"150 yen."

No wonder many people travel from far to visit this shop.
Here is menu of "DAIKICHI."

※Menu is subject to change, please check with the shop.


●Vegetable:100 yen

・Red Pickled Ginger
・Maitake Musuroom
・Japanese Yam
・Sweet Potato
・Lotus Root
・Green Bean
・Bell Pepper
・Sweet Pepper
・King Oyster Mushroom
・Ginkoo Nut

●Seafood:150 yen

・Anago (conger eel)
・Aji ((Horse Mackerel)
・Geso (Squid Legs)
・Ika (Squid)
・Kisu (Sillago)
・Tako (Octopus)
・Iwashi (Pilchard)

●Seafood:200 yen

・Kanibo (Crab)
・Kujira (Whale)
・Tachiuo (Hair tail)
・Hamo (Sea Eel)
・Kaibashira (Adductor Msucle)
・Komochi Konbu (herring Spawn on Kelp)

●Seafood:300 yen

・Kani-tsume (Crab Leg)
・Koebi (Small Shrimp)

●Others:100 yen

・Vienna Sausage


●7 item Assorted Tempura :1000 yen
●15 item Assorted Tempura:2000 yen
●23 item Assorted Tempura:3000 yen
●35 item Assorted Tempura:5000 yen

Soup Menu

●Asari Clam Miso Soup:350 yen
●Tamago (Egg) Miso Soup :200 yen


Next, here are the reviews of people who actualy visited "DAIKICHI."

I went to DAIKICHI! I arrived at 12am but there were many people there already. I stood in line for about an hour, but it was very delicious! Especially the seafood tempura! I was very happy with the amazingly delicious tempura sauce with grated daikon in it.
Really, it was way beyond the taste of "100 yen." ≧ ≦

The Tempura shop that is open from midnight till morning. Although it is the shop open only at midnight, it is a very crowded popular shop! The cripy crust is amazing and unforgettable, and any person would want to visit again and again! I also recommend their Asari Miso Soup.

In spite of the late opening of the shop at midnight, this shop has a long waiting line every time.
It is located near the Sakai fishing harbor that the seafood tempura is outstandingly delicious.

【Osaka secret spot 】
People standing in line for the shop near Sakai station at midnight...
Believe it or not, it opens at midnight, at 12AM!
Anago, Hamo, Hotate,.. fresh seafood is very delicious coated with golden crust!
It is their tradition to drop the shells of the miso soup on the floor.

As we can see, the long waiting line is inevitable, but everyone is very satisfied with the delicious food.
Thanks to the location, their seafood tempura is the speciality of the shop.
Please try the TEMPURA at DAIKICHI which is worth the wait.

5,The second shop of TEMPURA "DAIKICHI" in Nanba


Because of the unique open hours and the location Sakai city, the southern Osaka area, it may be difficult for some people to visit this shop.

Answering the requests of such persons, they opened the second shop in Nanba Osaka in 2007.
This shop is also very popular, always full house ever since its opening.

At "DAIKICHI NANBA SHOP," they are open for lunch hours and there are special lunch menu on weekdays.

They take the same styles with HONTEN in terms of cooking tempura after order being placed and the ordering system of ordering by writing on the paper what we want.
The custom of throwing the Asari shells under the table is the same as well.
Of course, the delicious, non-greasy, light tempura crust and the original sauce with grated Daikon are the same with HONTEN.

The energetic mood and the atomosphere of the market are the originality of the HONTEN, but it is wonderful that the same delicious tempura is available at a more convenient location.
For those who were not able to visit HONTEN, please experience the delicious menu at "DAIKICHI NANBA SHOP."


Postal code:556-0011
Address:Nanba CITY Nanba Komejirushi 1F, 2-10-25 Nanbanaka, Naniwa-ku, Osaka city, Osaka-fu

・Tuesday〜Friday/11:30 〜 14:30、17:00 〜 22:30 ※L.O.22:00
・Saturday、Sunday、Holiday/11:00 〜 22:30 ※L.O.22:00

Closed:Monday ※If a holiday falls on a Monday, opens on Monday and closed on the next day

Traffic information (Train):

・Nanba Honsen "NANBA" station: 3 minutes' walk
・Osaka Muicipal Subway Midosuji Line "NANBA" station 8 minutes' walk
・Kintetsu Train "OSAKA NANBA" station: 10 minutes' walk

6,Comments from EnjoyJapan! editorial dept.

Akariさん(@axk_food)が投稿した写真 -


An amazing TEMPURA shop "DAIKICHI" which opens at midnight.
We repeat many times, but it is always crowded with a long waiting line, but the delicious food they serve is worth the wait.

Fresh ingredients, crispy crust, a little sweet tempura sauce. It is very hard to find such tempura place with reasonable pricing.

The attractive part of TEMPURA "DAIKICHI" is the energetic, friendly,and local atomosphere of the shop.

We also recommend the 1000 yen "morning set" of Tempura, Sashimi, and Asari clam miso soup, which is only available on weekdays. You will be able to enjoy DAIKICHI'S popular items all together with this set menu. It is also great because it is less crowded in the morning.

The second shop is also very popular where people wait in line.
We recommend that you go right after the opening.

Please don't forget to check this TEMPURA "DAIKICHI" if you are looking to enjoy Osaka gourmet.

7,Access to TENPURA "DAIKICHI (Sakai Uoichiba)"

Postal code :590-0971
Address:Sakai Uoichiba, 2-4-28 Sakaebashi-cho, Sakai-ku, Sakai city, Osaka-fu
Closed:Monday ※Closed from Sunday midnight to Monday
Traffic information(Train):

・Nankai Honsen "SAKAI" station: 2-3 minutes' walk
・Hankaidenki Hankai Line "SHUKUIN" station: 15 minutes' walk

8.Recommended information near TEMPURA "DAIKICHI (in Sakai Uoichiba)"

Now in progress

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