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At "GOKAN-Kitahama Honkan", enjoy the cakes and lunch in a retro, western-style builing! Colorful sweets such as cake made from rice, are perfect for special treat for yourself or as gifts!


"Kitahama" is the area along the Tosabori river in Osaka.

It is an area with a nostalgic atomosphere with retro buildings, such as Osaka stock exchange market, built in Meiji and Taisho periods. At the same time, it is a leading business area in Osaka with many stylish restaurants, making it a very high-class area.

Here, we would like to introduce a famous store "GOKAN-Kitahama Honten" located in Kitahama, speciaizing in western-style sweets.

"GOKAN-Kitahama Honten" is a popular pastry shop specializing in cakes and other sweets using carefully selected ingredients that are produced in Japan.

The theme of "GOAKAN" is "the sweets that reach Japanese people's hearts."
※Quote:Official website/http://www.patisserie-gokan.co.jp/

They use ingredients such as flour, cream and fruits that are carefully selected and shipped from all over Japan. This Osaka Kitahama area is known to have had many rice granar during Edo period,and the influence still remains today. The major products of "GOKAN" are the sweets made from "rice flour,"

Also, the originalities of "GOKAN- Kitahama Honkan" are not only their sweets.
We would like you to pay attention to the external appearance of the building that evey person that visits the shop is amazed with the fascinating building.

Built in Taisho peiriod, the stone-built building was used as a bank at that time.
Today, the elegant atomosphere is still alive and it is named as a Registered Tangible Cultural Property of Japan.

Making use of the fascinating space, the second floor of "GOKAN-Kitahama Honkan" is their "Cake Salon" where we can enjoy cakes, breakfast, and lunch in the western-stye, retro atomosphere.

Please enjoy your experience at this salon with Taisho period's romantic atomosphere, along with their sweets and meals.

Here are the highlights, including recommended points, popular menu, and reviews, of "GOKAN Kiahama Honkan" which is very popular for their sweets made from rice flour and other selected ingredients.

Article of OSAKA "GOKAN Kitahama Honkan" -Index-

1,Basic and useful information of GOKAN - Kitahama Honkan
2,Recommended items at GOKAN
3,"Kitahama Salon" where you can enjoy having cakes and lunch in a retro western style building
4,Reviews of popular "GOKAN"
5,Comments from EnjoyJapan! Editorial dept.
6,Access information of "GOKAN"
7,Shop information of pastry shop "GOKAN"
8,Recommended information around "GOKAN"

1,Basic and useful information of GOKAN - Kitahama Honkan

Basic information

Sunmi Leeさん(@sml_ny)が投稿した写真 -


Name: GOKAN - Kitahama Honkan
English Name:GOKAN Kitahama Honkan
Area:Osaka city area (Kitahama area)
Postal code:541-0042
Address:Arai build. 2-1-1 Imabashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka city, Osaka-fu
Closed:One day in October, New Year's Holiday (January 1st-3rd)

・Shop/9:30〜20:00 ※Sunday&Holiday: closing at 19:00)
・Salon/9:30〜19:30L.O ※Sunday&Holiday: last order at 18:30

Official site:http://www.patisserie-gokan.co.jp/
Tabelog site:https://tabelog.com/osaka/A2701/A270102/27003404/

Useful information

Average minimum cost:about 1000 yen〜3000 yen/person
Within 10 min walking distance from the closest station:◯
Free Wi-Fi:unknown
Credit Card:Yes ※JCB,VISA,AMEX
Interior (seats/type of seats):

・Salon/Table seatings available (54 seats)

Occasion: Breakfast/Lunch/Light meal/Cafe time
Purpose: Family/Friends/Solo OK/Date
Foreign language speaking staff :Unknown
Non-smoking, Smoking: Non-Smoking only
Parking:No ※Coin-operated parking available in the area
To-go order:Yes
Atomosphere of the shop:stylish, relaxed atomosphere, retro 、
Other useful inforation:

2,Recommended items of GOKAN

@tutumarshillが投稿した写真 -


"GOKAN" is very popular for their sweets that are made of carefully selected ingredients produced in Japan.
There are many items that are perfect for a special treat for yourself after a hard work, and for presents.

Their colorful cakes and baked sweets look so delicious that you will have a hard time choosing what to get.
Here are some of the recommended items at "GOKAN."

1,The original item of "GOKAN," "Heavy Cream Rouleau" made from rice four

@yk_______ooが投稿した写真 -


marikoさん(@tetekiri)が投稿した写真 -


"Rice" is a "must" for Japanese meals. The shop's signature item that has been the most popular since its opening is the "Heavy Cream Roureau" made from rice flour. Using the rice flour of Nigata's KOSHIHIKARI 100%, their dough is very smooth and soft, The custard cream made with heavy cream from Hokkaido and the black beans from TANBA are rolled up in the cake. It is surely the western style sweet with Japanese twist.


・Name of item:Okome-no- Junnama-Rouleau (Rice flour rolled cake with heavy cream)
・Price:One roll 1,001 yen (Tax included)※price is as of December 2016

●Seasonal Special Menu! Take notes on the limited items with seasonal ingredients!


The photo shows limited Rouleau with "peach."

※Please note that the price for limited edition Rouleau is different from the regular Rice Rouleau with heavy cream.

@2015_sm_0104が投稿した写真 -


The photo shows the limited edition Rouleau with "mango."

※Please note that the price for limited edition Rouleau is different from the regular Rice Rouleau with heavy cream.


The photo shows the limited edition Rouleau with "HOJI tea flavor with Chestnut."

※Please note that the price for limited edition Rouleau is different from the regular Rice Rouleau with heavy cream.

2,Amazing cakes made from seasonal ingredients from all over Japan

@tutumarshillが投稿した写真 -


Rieさん(@venchansan)が投稿した写真 -


From here, the speciality cakes using carefully selected ingredients such as fruits, cream, cheese, and honey produced in Japan. Shortcakes with moist sponge and Cheesecakes with rich flavor are some of their fascinating cakes. It makes everyone excited just looking at them!

Miho.Iさん(@motipan)が投稿した写真 -


Their "Ripe Strawberry Shortcake" with smooth sponge and fresh cream from Hokkaido.

Price:497 yen (tax included)


Seasonal limited item "Melon Shortcake"


ローリさん(@930x163)が投稿した写真 -


@oyatsu_loversが投稿した写真 -


"Mont Blanc of Japanese chestnut" with delicious crispy pie crust

Price:562 yen (tax included)

askさん(@ai129s)が投稿した写真 -


@shiho935が投稿した写真 -


"Uji-Maccha Opera Cake"

Rich Opera cake using prestigious Kingoma (sesami seeds) in butter cream, White Chocolate Ganache, and Uji-maccha (green tea).

Price:432 yen (tax included)

Yildizさん(@yildiz2945)が投稿した写真 -


Traditional French pastry in "GOKAN style Saint-Marcoux"

Price:454 yen (tax included)

Yildizさん(@yildiz2945)が投稿した写真 -


A cheesecake which originated in Osaka, "GOKAN Cheesecake"

Price:346 yen/Tax included



"Raspberry Chocolate Brownie"
As you can see, each original pastry is created by the full effort and the love of the patissier.

Price:454 yen (Tax included)

There are more cakes other than those that are introduced above at "Gokan-Kitahama Honten." So please visit the shop and see by yourself.

●List of other cakes

※Prices include tax.
※Cakes listed and their prices are as of December 2016.

・Shibata Orchard's Tart Tatin of /480 yen
・Pear and Vanila Chiboust /486 yen
・Baked Pear Tart/360 yen
・Ripe Strawberry Tartlet /476 yen
・Ripe Strawberry and refined Japanese sugar Mousseline /476 yen
・DAICHI Cheesecake/378 yen
・Autumn only "Persimmon and Refined Japanese Sugar Mousseline"/486 yen
・Chestnut and Grape Chocolate Chiffon /500 yen
・Japnese Chestnut Shortcake/540 yen
・Grape and Japanese Sugar Mousseline/486 yen
・Japanese Chestnut Mont Blanc/562 yen
・Uji-Maccha Tea Smooth Pudding/540 yen
・GOKAN Cream Brulee (available at Kitahama Honkan only)/486 yen
・Hokkaido Cream Cheeze and Mascarpopne De Fromage /432 yen


3, Perfect baked sweets for souvenirs or presents

"GOKAN"sweets are also popular for souvenirs and presents.
The baked sweets are popular for presents to send because they keep for a long time.

●Popular"EEMON (Black beans Madeleine)", feaured on TV and in magazines


AZUSA SEUNGさん(@ahzusa)が投稿した写真 -


"EEMON (Black Bean Madeline)" is a very popular item featured on TV and in magazines.
Both rice flour and wheat flour are the product of Japan, and the honey is the product of Osaka. It is a pure Japanese Madeline which is very moist and smooth . ,
The simple baked item like this proves the quality of ingredients.

나미さん(@namiko0410)が投稿した写真 -


There are Tanba black bean at the bottom.
There is Tanba Dainagon in Maccha-tea.

MiKiさん(@mkii23)が投稿した写真 -



"EEMON (Black Bean Madeline)" comes in two flavors of "Plain" and "Maccha".


・Plain/173 yen (tax included)〜/1〜
・Maccha/194 yen (tax included)〜/1〜

GOKAN Lemon Cake "Lemonsan"

@takedahitomiが投稿した写真 -


NORINさん(@norin0812)が投稿した写真 -


GOKAN Lemon Cake is made from lemons of Iwagi Island in Ehime prefecture and honey from Kansi area.
It is coated with lemon flavored white chocolate and its refreshing flavor would fill your mouh.

価格:195 yen (tax included)〜/1〜

Rice Baumkuchen "GOKAN EMAKI "



This s also a popular item "GOAKAN EMAKI" which is smade from rice flour produced in Japan.

There are flavors of "WASANBON", "MACCHA", and seasonal limited "CHOCOLATE."
Very moist texture and not-too-sweet taste would be a wonderful treat not only for yourself but also as a present which would be appreciated for sure.


▶Reference:Please see "GOKAN" Official site for detailed information of their products

3,"KITAHAMA SALON" where you can enjoy having their cakes and lunch in a western-style retro setting


At "GOKAN - KITAHAMA HONKAN," there is not only the shop for take-out but also a"KITAHAMA SALON" where you can enjoy dining in.

It is said that the space was used as a bank office.
That is why the ceiling is very high and the windows are large, and with their classical furnishings, they present a very elegant setting.

At such beautiful "KITAHAMA SALON," you can enjoy not only the sweets sold at the shop but also the breakfast and lunch menu.

One of the most popular is the "French Toast," which is made with the bread that is leavened for two days.
This French Toast is very, very popular!
Crispy on the outside and soft inside, the delicious French Toast fills your mouth with the sweet vanilla flavor.

yumiさん(@yumi.imi)が投稿した写真 -


@rei_nyanzが投稿した写真 -


There is a morning set menu of this French Toast, yogurt, and drink, and for cafe time, there are menu with sides of seasonal fruits and ice cream.

@a_k_i0204が投稿した写真 -



For lunch, there are three set menus of "Croque Madame Set," "Quiche Set," and "Original Bread Set."
They are very attractive set menu with drink and mini-cake, which is very fancy.

Croque Madame


Galette Lunch


Bread Lunch

madokaさん(@madocooper)が投稿した写真 -



The cake that is sold in the shop on the first floor is served with ice cream in the salon. It is a great treat.


@hsk_fが投稿した写真 -


They let you chose the cake from selections on a tray. There are so many that look so delicious, it would be a very had choice to make.


It would taste very special when you eat in such an elegant setting.
it is a perfect place for dating and for ladie's day out.

We recommend that you experience your stay at their "SALON."

4,Reviews of "GOKAN"

Next, we would like to introduce the reviews written by people who actually visited "GOKAN - KITAHAMA HONKAN."

I went to KITAHAMA GOKAN SALON for the first time. It was on a weekday but it was very crowded that we had to wait for one hour. Their French Toast was very delicious with moderate sweetness. I will go try their cakes next time.

Luxurious feeling.

It was very delicious and the high-class atomosphere of the salon is MAXIMUM!

GOKAN sweets are with delicate taste. I recommend Roll Cake and Croissant.

At KITAHAMA GOKAN SALON, they bring cakes on a tray for us to choose. This system makes me feel great!

As you can read above, all the people who visit "GOKAN- KITAHAMA HONKAN" are very satified with the delicious cakes and the luxurious atmosphere!

5,Comments of EnjoyJapan! Editorial dept.

Aniiyanさん(@anii021)が投稿した写真 -


KITAHAMA area, where "GOKAN - KITAHAMA HONKAN." is located, is an area with styish, high class atomosphere.
On weekdays, the area is busy with people who work at the offices close by, and on weekends, it is rather quiet with less population.

The building of "GOKAN" sits perfectly in such sophisticated area with a classical atomosphere. Every sweet sold at the shop is very delicious with their carefully selected ingredients. The texture, taste, and flavor, everything is just outstanding. Also, they pay attention to how beautiful their sweets "look." It is a very difficult decision to make which cake to purchase. There are many customers that cannot decide for a long time.

We are convinced that there are many repeating customers.

Also, it is also a supreme happiness to spend time at the KITAHAMA HONKAN SAON enjoying their delicious cakes. We recommend that you go on weekdays for it is often very crowded on weekends.

There are no shops outside of Kansai area that it would surely be appreciated if you take their sweets home as souveniers.
Their sweets are also available at stations and airports, please check them out.


Postal code:541-0042
Address::Arai buld. Imabashi 2-1-1, Chuo-ku Osaka-city Osaka-fu
Closed:One day in October, New Years (January 1st-3rd)
Traffic information:

・Osaka municipal subway Sakai-suji Line "KITAHAMA" station: 2 minutes' walk
・Keihin Train "KITAHAMA" station: 2 minutes' walk
・Osaka municipal subway Midosuji Line "YODOYABASHI" station: 10 minutes' walk
・Keihin Train "YODOYABASHI" station: 10 minutes' walk
・keihin Train "NAKANOSHIMA" station: 5 minutes' walk

7,Other locations of Western Confectionery "GOKAN"

Here are the list of shops where GOKAN sweets are available other than the 'GOKAN- KITAHAMA HONKAN."

The location for dining in is only at GOKAN HONKAN, but their sweets are available at department stores in Kansai area.


Postal code:541-0042
Address::Arai buld. Imabashi 2-1-1, Chuo-ku Osaka-city Osaka-fu
Closed:One day in October, New Years (January 1st-3rd)
Monday-Saturday 9:30〜20:00
Sunday&Holiday 9:30〜19:00
※Salon Last Order: 30min before closing


Postal Code:530-8350
Address:Hankyu Department Store Umeda Honten B1, 8-7 Kakuda-cho, Kita-ku Osaka-city, Osaka-fu
Closed:Same with Hankyu Department Store
Hours:Same with Hankyu Department Store


Postal Code:600-8520
Address:Kyoto Takashimaya-ten B1, Shin-cho, Shijo-Kawaramachi Nishi-iru,
Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-city
Closed:Same with Takashimaya Kyoto store
Hours:Same with Takashimaya Kyoto store


Postal Code:663-8204
Address:Hankyu Department Store NIshinomiya-ten 1F, 14-1 Takamatsu-cho, Nishinomiya-city, Hyogo prefecture
Closed:Same with Hankyu Nishinomiya store
Hours:Same with Hankyu Nishinomiya store


Postal code:530-6101
Address:Nakanoshima Dai Build. 1F, 3-3-23 Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka city
Closed:Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays
Hours:9:30 〜 19:00


Postal code:542-8510
Address:Osaka Takashimaya B1, 5-1-5 Nanba, Chuo-ku, Osaka city, Osaka-fu
Closed:Same with Takashimaya Osaka store
Hours:Same with Takashimaya Osaka store


Postal code:590-0115
Address:Senboku Takashimaya 1F, 1-3-1 Chayamadai, Minami-ku, Sakai city, Osaka-fu
Closed:Same with Takashimaya Senboku Store
Hours:Same with Takashimaya Senboku Store

・Stations, Airports, Service Areas

In addition, there are locations where GOKAN sweets are available at train stations, airports and service areas in Kansai areas.
※Only baked products are available.

Detailed information of shops at stations, airports, and service areas

8,Recommended information around GOKAN -

※Now in progress
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