Restaurants in Nara

Reservation for the dish is absolutely necessary! Experience the special Japanese lunch with local ingredients in a popular cafe "KURUMINIKI" in Nara, which is worth waiting in line.

Speaking of major sightseeing spots in central Nara city, Todaiji, a World Heritage site,Kasuga Taisha,Kofukujiand Nara Koen park are well known, and there closeby is "Naramachi" where there are historic buildining and popular cafe and shops.

There is a must visit cafe, very recommended, in Western area which is 2.5 km apart from Nara Koen park.

It is a really special shop which you can't ignore, as it has a long history even before Japan had started it modern cafe culture. The popular "KURUMINOKI", which represents Nara, is located in a place surrounded by green nature with retro atmosphere.

This is historic cafe, which has been introduced by magazines, TV shows and books, and people visit the shop from Kansai area, Tokyo, Hokkaido and even Okinawa.

As a proof of the shop, there is a line already at 10 AM waiting for the opening of the cafe at 11:30.

The purpose of the waiting people is the lunch.
The standard menu is the week's lunch plate which varies every week.
It is a set menu with seasonal ingredients and local vegetables harvested in Nara, together with mixed rice, main dish, fries, soup and some dishes plus dessert and drink.
There are the other menu except the lunch plate, such as omelet rice, curry rice, doria, pizza and parfait and ice cream. It is very useful cafe depending what you would like.

In addition to the dishes, the appearance and the interior of the shop, small decorated items, the plates and the natural & simple space are highly evaluated by the guests.
Every single item that you see here is carefully selected and kept, and they are simple.
This is exactly "comfortable cafe".

Advance reservation is necessary, of course, but seat reservation is not possible. You can place an order only for the menu.
So it is better to be prepared to wait for 90 minutes at lunch time.

If you think "it is too long"!

Please take a look at the attractive menu of the popular cafe "KURUMINOKI" in Nara combined with selected variety goods shop and apparel shop, which may make you feel to go.

Article of Nara "KURUMINOKI" -Contents-

1, Basic and useful information of KURUMINOKI
3, Don't miss the fascionable selected variety goods shop and apparel shop!
4, Reviews of KURUMINOKI
5, Lunch waiting time and the reservation of KURUMINOKI
6, Comments from EnjoyJapan! Editorial dept.
7, Access to Nara "KURUMINOKI"
8, Recommended information around KURUMINOKI

1, Basic and useful information of KURUMINOKI

Basic information

minamiさん(@kotonohi)が投稿した写真 -

Quote: instagram/kotonohiさん

Prefecture: Nara
Area: Nara city (around Nara Koen part)
Postal code: 630-8113
Address: Horen-cho 567-1, Nara city, Nara
Tel: 0742-23-8286
Closed day: No closed day

・Monday to Thursday/11:30~17:30
※Last order17:00

・Friday, Saturday and Sunday/11:30~21:00
※Last order 20:00

Official site: http://www.kuruminoki.co.jp/
Tabelog site: http://tabelog.com/nara/A2901/A290101/29000212/

Useful information

Average minimum cost: up to 2,000 yen/person
Within 10 minutes walking distance from the nearest station: No
Free Wi-Fi: Unknown
Credit card: Unknown
Number of seats: 44
Occation: Lunch/Cafe time/Dinner
Purpose: Friends/Solo OK/Date/Family
Foreign language speaking staff: Unknown
Somking or non smoking: Seperated: Completely non smoking
Parking: Yes ※35 units

※On backside of the shop there is parking.

Other useful information:

・KURUMINOKI is popular and highly evaluated cafe, so you need to know that reservation of the dish and waiting time are absolutely necessary. For details, please check the following article.


First of all, let's take a look at the menu of "KURUMINOKI", because of which the shop became so popular.

Standard lunch plate! Pay attention also to the bowl or plate on which the food is served!

The standard menu of KURUMINOKI is lunch plate.
It is a set menu with seasonal ingredients and local vegetables harvested in Nara, which consists of

mixed rice + main dish + deep fry, soup and several small side dishes + dessert + drink
The price is 1,620 yen.

It is limited amount and when it is sold out, it means it finished.

As for the other menu, please see the following:

Lunch menu for 7/21~7/27

MiKiさん(@mi_m27)が投稿した写真 -

Quote: instagram/mi_m27さん

・Salty plum flavoured rice with deep fried lotus root
・Crunchy deep fried chicken, curry flavour
・Deep fried and soaked eggplants
・Red taro stem and Nagaimo potato, vinegar and miso dressing
・Zucchini salad
・Miso soup with grilled white leek and myoga
・Japanese black tea jelly

Lunch menu for 7/28~8/3

Quote: instagram/hantyantogohanさん

・Corn rice
・Tempura (deep fried vegetable)
・Somen (cold white thin noodles) with sudachi citrus
・Stir fry of zucchini and celery with ginger
・Salad with wasabi leave and citrus
・Miso soup with okura and wakame seaweed
・Peach jelly

Lunch menu for 8/4~8/10

・Rice with green beans and baby sardines
・Sweet and spicy chicken
・Steamed and chilled egg soup with okura
・Grated eggplant and nagaimo potato with ginger
・White leek and edible chrysanthemum
・Miso soup with water shield
・Lemon jelly

As we have seen, the set menu varies according to the season. Actually they change the menu every week, which make me feel like going many times.

And please pay attention to the bowls and plates on which the food is served.
On wooden plate a thick textured paper is laid, hexagon unique plate for main dish, or nice textured wooden bowl, etc.. Each plate is simple and natural.

The visitors coming to KURUMINOKI are interested in the arrangement of the plates, and they purchase goods in the next "selected variety goods shop" or online.
If you come here, please enjoy the plate with you eyes, too.

Not only set menu! Must try food menu and dessert!

There are varied menu in KURUMINOKI except for lunch plate.
This time I chose the most popular five.

@fragola55が投稿した写真 -

Quote: instagram/fragola55さん

Omelet fried rice (with salad)
Price: 980 yen

Omelet fried rice with a subtle flavor of butter and soy sauce, of which KURUMINOKI proud of.
The special ketchup is awesome.

Rieさん(@goma5021)が投稿した写真 -

Quote: instagram/goma5021さん

Japanese eggplant doria (with salad)
Price: 980 yen

Japanese style doria using a plenty of Yamato round eggplant with sansho spice and miso.

Quote: instagram/naoko.the.runnerさん

Japanese doria with tororo potato (with salad)
Price: 980 yen

Baked tororo potato with codfish roa sauce, dry bonito slices on top.

Quote: instagram/mi0928waさん

Quote: instagram/158.612adgjさん

Cake set
The photo is "lemon unbaked cheesecake and drink".

A good deal set with your favorite cake and drink.
The price varies depending on the choice of the cake.

yukiさん(@y.uki121)が投稿した写真 -

Quote: instagram/y.uki121さん

Sweet potato parfait
Price: 720 yen

Superb mixture of sweet potato puree in ice cream!

As we have seen, starting from the food to the plates, there are numerous charms in the shop. Please come and experience the elegant atmosphere and precious time.

3, Don't miss the fascionable selected variety goods shop and apparel shop!

KURUMINOKI Zakka shop cage

In KURUMINOKI there is a Zakka (variety gooods) shop at the entrance on the right,named "cage" in addition to the cafe. And inside the shop next to the waiting space, apparel shop "NOiX La Soeur" is located.

Here in the shop the goods and clothes are selected by the owner with the special taste.
In Zakka shop, plates, pots, interior small ornaments, ingredients, jams and canned food are sold.

受験期から憧れてたKURUMINOKI !

Takumi Furusawaさん(@brass4810)が投稿した写真 -

Quote: instagram/brass4810さん

Quote: instagram/mayuchanguさん

While you are waiting for your turn in the cafe, it is good idea to kill the time in the zakka shop and apparel shop.
But please not that the shops are not big enough to accept many people at the same time.

Information of zakka shop "cage"

Postal code: 630-8113
Address: Horen-cho 567-1, Nara city, Nara ※In the same place with "KURUMINOKI"
Tel: 0742-20-1480

・Monday to Thursday:11:00~17:30
・Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 11:00〜19:00

Information of Apparel shop "NOiX La Soeur"

Postal code: 630-8113
Address: Horen-cho 567-1, Nara city, Nara ※In the same place with "KURUMINOKI"
Tel: 0742-20-4600

・Monday to Thursday:11:00~17:30
・Friday, Saturday and Sunday:11:00〜19:00

4, Reviews of KURUMINOKI

"KURUMINOKI" can be described as a leading shop in Nara.
It is known for delicious food and special atmosphere, and also for long time waiting. How about the reviews from the previous visitors to the shop? Let's take a look at them.

Translate : Had today's lunch
Ate eggplant gratin, a menu for limited time.
the eggplant was really good
Wanna go there again.

Translate : Called a friend of mine and went to Nara KURUMINOKI. It looks so natural as if they arranged the herbs and trees just like they were. So beautiful. You can't replicate it in town. That's the defference.

Translate : Around 50 people were waiting before the opening. Zakka cafe in Nara "KURUMINOKI". Could not have even a tea because of the crowd.Saw the shop and bought sweet potato cake for souvenir. Good, with fluffy moisturizing soft cake, like a meringue! Next time I wanna have a lunch.

Translate : A shop where I want to go to feel the season, Nara "KURUMINOKI" → https://t.co/4WE85PY8Pz Recommended the week's lunch! a plenty of vegetables and fresh from the kitchen♪

Translate : Lunch in Nara"KURUMINOKI"
the rice with mixed grains and Summer vegetable pickles was very delicious. I didn't know this way of cooking.
Came at 11:30 and registered and ate at 2pm. But forgot the stress of waiting.

As we have seen, the quality of the shop was highly evaluated by the visitors, and some of them seem not just visitors, but fans. But the waiting time is long.
There are people who gave up having tea, let alone having the lunch, and went to the shop only.

This is how "KURUMINOKI" is popular.
Why don't you go the shop choosing best period?

5, Lunch waiting time and the reservation of KURUMINOKI

Here, let's see the waiting time for "KURUMINOKI" and congestion situation in addition to how to make a reservation in order to be able to get into the shop as smooth as possible.

※Please note that the information here is based on the actual experience by Editorial department.

Waiting time

Quote: instagram/ahti_mさん

KURUMINOKI is a very popular shop and it is very crowded at lunch time. You may better to prepare for waiting at least 90 minutes. It is said that at maximum 3 hours waiting is required.

But there are a waiting space, zakka shop and apparel shop next to the cafe. You can kill the time watching these shops.

The waiting space is open from AM10:30, and there are magazines.

Recommended time for "KURUMINOKI"

Best from 14 on weekdays?

If you skip the lunch time, on weekday from 14, sometimes people do not wait and can take seats.

Also the dinner is recommended!

Quote: Tabelog/http://tabelog.com/nara/A2901/A290101/29000212/

KURUMINOKI is open until 21:00 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
If you want to avoid busy time of the lunch, it would be better to visit from evening time.

It is said that the night time is best-kept secret, and you may get into the cafe without waiting, if you are lucky.
Night time cafe is good, too, different atmosphere from lunch time.

But "Washoku Zen, Japanese style plate meal" is limited menu. Reservation is required for it.

Quote: Tabelof/http://tabelog.com/nara/A2901/A290101/29000212/

"KURUMINOKI" reservation

Aiさん(@ai_bon26)が投稿した写真 -

Quote: instagram/ai_bon26さん

As I have explained, the set menu is limited and popular, so the reservation is absolutely necessary.


Reservation for the food is possible, but not for seats.

Advance order for lunch and Washoku Zen (dinner) is possible, but seat reservation is impossible. You can place an order for the food beforehand, and you write your name on the sheet after arriving (this is first come, first served basis), and when it comes to your turn, you can take your seats.

●Reservation Tel.


6, Comments from EnjoyJapan! Editorial dept.

mymiiiruさん(@mymiiiru)が投稿した写真 -

Quote: instagram/mymiiiruさん

As we have seen "KURUMINOKI" will definitely provide satisfying experience in the cafe.
The point is, how to avoid waiting time.

EnjoyJapan! Editorial dept. visited the cafe around 14:00 on weekday.
Placed an order for the food beforehand, and parked the car in the backyard and we could enter the cafe without waiting.

Recommended time

Let's place an order for the food beforehand.

・Weekday from 13:30 to 14:00
・After evening time on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

are recommended time to visit.

The sightseeing spots in Nara, such as "Nara Koen park", "Todaiji, Kasuga Taisha, Kofukuji" (World Heritage sites) are not far. Visiting the cafe in the middle of sightseeing is good idea, too.

If you walk from Todaiji, it is 2.5km distance and approx.30 minutes required. If you don't want to walk, taking taxi is good choise.

7, Access to Nara "KURUMINOKI"

Postal code: 630-8113
Address: Horen-cho 567-1, Nara city, Nara
Tel: 0742-23-8286
Transportation (Train):

・Get off at "Shin omiya" station of Kintetsu line, and walk 15 minutes
・Get off at "Shin omiya" station of Kintetsu line, Take Nara Kotsu bus bound for " Saidaiji" or "Koku Jieitai", and get off at "Kyoikudai Fuzoku Chugakkomae" stop. walk for 3minutes
・Get off at "Nara" station of JR line, Take Nara Kotsu bus bound for " Saidaiji" or "Koku Jieitai", and get off at "Kyoikudai Fuzoku Chugakkomae" stop. walk for 3minutes

Transportation (Car):

●From Osaka direction
Take Daini Hanna doro, get off at "Horai ramp" exit and do to Nara Koen park direction. Turn left to Nijooji Minami 1-chome crossing, and take overpass for Kyoto. Take route No.24 and turn right at Hokkeji Higashi crossing. it is along JR railroad.

8, Recommended information around KURUMINOKI

【Article related to Gourmet】

Famous shop for shaving ice "Hozekibabo" (Nara)! Surprised with the more than fluffy shaved ice with the hot espuma!

【Article related to sightseeing】

Let's experience the World Heritage site "Nara Koen" park, where you can touch deers, the natural monuments.

Experience the history in World Heritge site "Todaiji", which is famous for Daibutsu in Nara!

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