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"Dining Stage SAKAIYA" famous for the Big Size Fried Prawn! People form a long line in Lunch time!

Standard Menu

Standard Menu
"Dining Stage SAKAIYA" is popular restaurant in the Osaka Namba. There is always long line in lunch time. "Dining Stage SAKAIYA" purchases fresh seafood of the day and you can enjoy Japanese set meal for lunch.

All seats are counter seats surrounding the kitchen so you can see the Chef cook the food. It it like a classic Japanese style of restaurant.

Though IZAKAYA food in dinner time is popular, we highly recommend "Dining Stage SAKAIYA" for lunch. Especially, Big size fried prawn is very popular and people form a long line to eat it.
If there is a line you don't wait for so long because of in lunch time people eat quickly. Also it is easy to access here it takes only in 5 min by walk from the station.

When you are looking for the restaurant for having lunch in Osaka Namba, please try this restaurant. Then we show the information of "Dining Stage SAKAIYA".

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1,Basic information
2,Useful information
3,What's the BEST MENU?
4,Access information

1, Basic information

Name: Dining Stage SAKAIYA
Prefecture: Osaka
Area: Osala city(Namba・Minami)
Address: Namba City South building 1F Namba komejirushi, 2-10-25 Nambanaka, Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka-shi
Tel: 06-6644-2895
Closed: Irregular holiday

Dinner/16:30~23:00 ※L.O 22:30

Average Price: Lunch 〜¥1,000/person,Dinner 〜¥3.000/person
Official web site: They don't have it
Tabelog web site:http://tabelog.com/osaka/A2701/A270202/27012103/

2,Useful information

The comment from EnjoyJapan! Edit dept: Highly recommend for the Lunch in Osaka Namba!

Less than 10 min walk from a station: ◯
Free Wi-Fi: Unknown
Credit Card: 〇
When should we go: Lunch/Dinner
Accompanied with: friend/date/family/alone
Staff who can speak foreign language: Unknown
Smoking: Not acceptable
Parking: 〇※Mater parking nearby
To go: Unknown

3,What's the BEST MENU?

Lunch menu
Source by: Seishun Osaka Shokudo/http://inasen.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-100.html

We highly recommend the Japanese Set Meal Lunch. They every day purchase fresh vegetables and seafood and use all of them in the same day. So you can enjoy seasonal fresh food. That's the great point of "Dining Stage SAKAIYA". Though IZAKAYA dish in dinner time is popular, but today we focus on the Big size and reasonable Lunch menu.
In lunch set meal, to enjoy variety of food you can choose the several popular dishes to make set meal.

●Lunch Set Meal

・Big size fried prawn set /¥1,080
・Big size fried prawn with today's Sashimi or Fish or Oden set/ ¥900
・Lightly pickled Mizunasu(eggplants) with today's Sashimi or Fish or Beef cutlet or Croquette/¥900
・SAKAIYA set/¥950
・Croquette set (their specialty)/One Croquette ¥610、2 Croquette ¥860、a la carte Croquette ¥360

Fresh and Crispy! Big Size Fried Prawn Set

Standard menu

Big size fried prawn set

Big size fried prawn set is the most popular lunch set meal in SAKAIYA.
There are two fried prawns which are two or three times bigger than normal one in this menu. They are exactly Big Size and really fresh and fried crispy , it goes very well with the tartare sauce!

Good for health?! Special vegetable croquette set

Special vegetable croquette set

Special vegetable croquette set
Source by: tabelog/http://tabelog.com/osaka/A2701/A270202/27012103/dtlphotolst/1/smp2/D-normal/2/

Specialty! Croquette set (Niku jaga(beef and potato), Spinach or Soybean milk)
Price: One Croquette ¥610/ 2 Croquettes ¥860/a la carte ¥360

The owner of SAKAIYA has made this Specialty Vegetable croquette for the people who don't eat enough vegetables usually and for their health. The size is big as same as baseball ball so it's filling. You can chose from 3 flavors, "Niku jaga(beef and potato)", "Soybean milk", "Spinach".

Many people order this croquette additionally to another set meal.
This is one of the best food of SAKAIYA!

"MIZUNASU set meal" Specialty of Senshu region(south part of Osaka)

Mizunasu set meal
Source by: Seishun Osaka Shokudo/http://nam-come.com/life/sakaiya.html

Lightly pickled Mizunasu(eggplants) with Today's dish set(chose one dish, Sashimi or Fish or Beef cutlet or croquette)
Price: ¥900

Mizunasu set (Mizunasu and fried prawn)
Price: ¥850

"MIZUNASU" is a kind of eggplant and traditional vegetable in Senshu region(south part of Osaka). In SAKAIYA, lightly pickled Mizunasu is popular menu too. Eat a whole size lightly pickled Mizunasu with soy sauce is exquisite. It tastes fresh and light. People come here to eat this Mizunasu. You have to try this tasty Mizunasu!

Sashimi, Grilled fish is excellent! Fresh seafood from fishing port

Yaki zakana or Nitsuke set (Grilled fish or fish boiled in sweetened soy sauce)
Price: ¥900

Yaki zakana set and Sasimi set is also popular menu. Owner purchase fresh seafood everyday. Fish change depending on the day but it ensure the quality and freshness of the fish. This is one of the great point of SAKAIYA.

4,Access information

Address: Namba City South building 1F Namba komejirushi, 2-10-25 Nambanaka, Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka-shi
Tel: 06-6644-2895

(by Train)
3 min walk from Nankai "Namba" station
7 min walk from Osaka subway Midosuji line "Namba" station
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