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Tasty tender roast pork and superb light pork broth soup! Once you taste this carefully made original garlic Ramen in "Satsumakko" in Dotonbori born in Osaka, you will become a repeating customer.

Most of people who live in Osaka may know Satsumakko Ramen, this famous ramen shop was born more than 40 years ago. Satsumakko Ramen is famous for an origin of garlic ramen and once you eat it you may "want to be a repeating customer" or "not be able to stop eating again", a deliciously addictive ramen. That may be the reason why many people come here after drinking alcohol at the bar! :)

Satsumakko garlic ramen is not an ordinary simple garlic ramen.

"Noodles", "soup", "roast pork" and the other ingredients are carefully selected!
I think this is the secret why the ramen shop could last for such a long time of 47 years after the foundation. And the taste became loved by many people.

The harmony of natural noodles and soup, and combination of soup and roast pork are excellent. Furthermore, it is time for "garlic". You can choose "with" garlic or "without" garlic as you want. If you choose "with", you will understand how important roll garlic plays!

Besides noodles, please check out "Moriawase", which is a varied roasted pork slices on a plate. The roast pork is a menu that the shop is proud of.
This edition features the popular ramen shop "Satsumakko Ramen" of long history.

In Dotonbori hot gourmet competing areawhere numerous popula ramen shops such as "Kinryu ramen","Kamukura"are jostling, "Satsumakko ramen" in Dotonbori is on the top level of popularity and please see the reason why.

Table of contents for this article

1, Basic and useful information of Satsumakko Ramen in Dotonbori
2, This is the origin of garlic ramen! Specialty of Satsumakko Ramen
3, Menu of Satsumakko Ramen
4, Reviews of Satsumakko Ramen
5, Comments from EnjoyJapan! Editorial dept.
6, Access to Satsumakko Ramen in Dotonbori
7, Shop information around Satsumakko Ramen in Dotonbori
8, recommended information around Satsumakko Ramen in Dotonbori

1, Basic and useful information of Satsumakko Ramen in Dotonbori

Basic information


Japanese Name: Satsumakko Ramen Dotonbori ten
Prefecture: Osaka
Area: Osaka city area (around Shinsaibashi and Namba)
Postal code: 542-0071
Address: 1-8-26 Dotonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka city, Osaka
Tel: 06-6212-1012
Closed : No closed day
Hours: 24 hours
Tabelog site:http://tabelog.com/osaka/A2701/A270202/27003648/

Useful information

Average minimum cost: up to 1,500 yen per person
Less than10 minutes walking from the nearest station: Yes
Free Wi-Fi: Unknown
Credit card: Not accepted
No. and type of seats: Unknown/seats on floor
Occasion: Lunch/Dinner
Purpose: Family/Friends/alone/Date
Foreign language speaking staff: Unknown
Smoking: Smoking on all seats OK !
Parking: No ※There are metered (charged) parkings nearby.
Takeout: Yes
Other useful information:

・Famous for garlic ramen, but you can order also "without garlic" one, so ladies feel free to come.
・Possible to take out the popular roast pork upon request.

2, This is the origin of garlic ramen! Specialty of Satsumakko Ramen

A ramen in Satsumakko ramen

Satsumakko "origin of garlic ramen".
We introduce the ramen which is carefully made with never ending efforts.

Specialty of Satsumakko garlic ramen

The soup of Satsumakko garlic ramen is its original, and in short it can be described as "light pork broth" taste. The noodles are "curly" which holds the soup and carefully selected to be natural food without additive. The roast pork is sliced thickly but tender, and those are essences which made this ramen shop to keep unchanged favorite popular ramen.

Let's see the specialty of Satsumakko garlic ramen one by one.


First, the noodles are "natural" and "curly" which hold the soup well. Then Satsumakko's traditional "soup" is made from "pork bones" and "chicken bones" base and often described as "light pork broth" taste.

In addition, please check "roast pork" which the bar is proud of.

The combination of roast pork and soup carefully made is marvelous. The roast pork has rich taste and is sliced in thick, while the soup is light pork broth taste, so the taste of roast pork still remains and tender and spreads in your mouth.

But the secret is not only this one.

We can not forget "garlic" as the ramen is called garlic ramen. You can choose "with" garlic or "without" garlic as you want. If you choose "with" garlic, you will see finely sliced raw garlic on the bottom of the bowl, and it highlights the taste of the soup.

And the garlic flavor is strong, too. :)

If you don't want too strong garlic flavor, you can order "without" garlic of course, which is good enough. But if there is a chance, we would recommend to try the ramen with garlic at least once!

Another popular plate in Satsumakko! What is "Moriawase (Assorted plate)"?

Besides ramen, "moriawase (Assorted plate)" of roast pork slices on plate which is boast of the shop is recommended! Before having ramen, why don't you enjoy the combination of beer and the roast pork plate, which are also specialty of "Satsumakko".


The thick, tender and well-seasoned roast pork, impregnated good taste, melts and the umami (palatability) of the meat bursts in your mouth! Many visitors come here only for the roast pork, so a simple plate with roast pork slices, called "Moriawase (Assorted plate)" is also popular!


This is "Moriawase (varied collection)".
A numerous thick slices of roast pork, kimchi and seasoned soybean sprouts.


And more popular menu is "Moriawase set", which combines "Moriawase (Assorted)" plate with "rice" and "soup".

Satsumakko Ramen is a ramen shop, but many people order "Moriawase set" without ordering ramen. So please do not hesitate to try it.

Put the palatable roast pork on steamed white rice and bring them to your mouth...
I become hungry even imagining the situation. :)

As we have seen, there are a plenty of unique specialty which comes from the pride of a place of origin in Satsumakko. I guess those who do not live in Osaka would not have been here, so please visit and try the delicious ramen.

3, Menu of Satsumakko Ramen

Here is the menu of "Satsumakko Ramen".

Menu of garlic ramen in Satsumakko

※Prices are as of June, 2016.

Roast pork ramen in Satsumakko Ramen
The photo is "roast pork ramen".

●Ramen: 950 yen
●Roast pork ramen: 1,300 yen

Menu besides ramen

Moriawase (Assorted plate) of Satsumakko
The photo is "Assorted plate".

●Assorted plate:1,100 yen
●Assorted plate (small):600 yen
●Kimchi: 300 yen
●Rice: 200 yen〜

4, Reviews of Satsumakko Ramen

Satsumakko Ramen is famous for deliciously addictive ramen and repeating visitors, and let's check our the reviews from those who have tried the garlic ramen!

Translate : Want to eat Satsumakko ramen so badly!!Just wanna eat!!

Translate : 【Satsumakko】
Bean sprouts and leeks are incredibly good.Crunchy.Pork is tender and no greasy. This shop is famous for garlic noodles but I ordered without. The salt based pork soup was lighter than it seemed. The boiled dumplings were ridiculously good by the way. Very good.

Translate : Wanna eat Satsumakko ramen so badly.

Translate : Satsumakko ramen
The pork is tender and extremely awesome.(^。^)

As seen above, if you have had the ramen, you are likely to say "I wanna eat it again!", and that's the majority of the reviews. :)

5, Comments from EnjoyJapan! Editorial dept.


If you live in Osaka, you may regularly think "I wanna eat Satsumakko ramen!", and that is really true. And it is not too much to say the best ramen after having alcohol! :)

If you have never had, please try "Original garlic ramen" (preferably with garlic) at first. And then, place taste "Moriawase (Assorted plate)" with a lot roast pork when you become a repeating visitor.

6, Access to Satsumakko Ramen in Dotonbori

Postal code: 542-0071
Address: 1-8-26 Dotonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka city, Osaka
Tel: 06-6212-1012
Transportation (Trains):

5 minutes walk from "Namba" station of Osaka city metro Sennichimae line
10 minutes walk from "Namba" station of Osaka city metro Midosuji/Yoshibashi lines
10 minutes walk from "Namba" station of Kintetsu line
10 minutes walk from "Namba" station of Nankai line

Information around "Satsumakko Ramen in Dotonbori" seen by Google Street View

Please see inside of Satsumakko ramen in Dotonbori and information around by Google Street View.

7, Shops information around Satsumakko Raman in Dotonbori

The followings are Satsumakko Ramen shops information nearby.

Satsumakko Ramen Main shop (Minami Morimachi)

Postal code: 530-0043
Address: 1-26-12 Tenma, Kita-ku, Osaka city, Osaka

Satsumakko Ramen in Kitashinchi

Postal code: 530-0002
Address: 1-1-46 Sonezakishinchi, Kita-ku, Osaka city, Osaka

8, Recommended information around Satsumakko Ramen in Dotonbori


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