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"Hiryukan (Flying dragon watching)", superb view seen upside down between your legs called "Matanozoki", which is a local specialty! Attractions and reviews of "Amanohashidate View Land" where "Amanohashidate", one of the three most famous scenic views in Japan, is seen very well.

Located in Miyazu city, a northern part of Kyoto, a famous sightseeing spot "Amanohashidate" is known as one of the three most scenic views in Japan (Matsushima in Miyagi prefecture, Miyajima in Hiroshima prefecture and Amanohashidate in Kyoto).
It is a popular sightseeing spot in Kyoto because of beautiful sandbar which separate Miyazu bay and Aso sea.

"The road going over Mt. Oe and via Ikuno is so far that I have not set foot on Amanohashidate or seen a letter from my mother yet"

Those who enjoyed Japan's traditional playing cards "the Hundred Poems by One hundred poets" may be familiar with this poem. Amanohashidate was a famous place which many poets used the name as a topic of poems and haiku from old time because of short distance from Kyoto.

There are various ways to enjoy Amanohashidate such as "taking a walk", "cycling", "soaking in hot spring" and "dropping by souvenir shops", but first of all, you should admire the beauty of the superb view. There are two recommended view spots in Amanohashidate, "Amanohashidate View Land" on the South side and "Kasamatsu park" on the North side, and this time we feature "Amanohashidate View Land" which more tourists visit.

"Amanohashidate View Land" is an amusement park located on the top of a 130-meter high mountain where Amanohashidate can be overlooked. The upside down view seen between your legs looks like a dragon flying toward the sky, and that's why its called "Hiryukan" (view of the flying dragon). This is a superb and unique scene which can not be replicated in anywhere else.

In addition, it is facilitated with good view restaurant, cycle car, Merry-Go-Round which attract tourists.

This article introduces the attractions and ways to enjoy "Amanohashidate View Land" to you satisfaction!

Table of contents for this article-

1, Basic and useful information of Amanohashidate View Land
2, First thing to do on the mountaintop - see Flying Dragon between your legs!
3, Charms and recommended attractions of Amanohashidate View Land
4, Local specialty "clam bowl" in a nice view restaurant for lunch!
5, Reviews from previous visitors to Amanohashidate View Land
6, Comments from EnjoyJapan! Editorial dept.
7, Access to Amanohashidate View Land
8, Recommended hotel and traditional inns in Amanohashidate
9, Recommended information around Amanohashidate View Land

1, Basic and useful information of Amanohashidate View Land

nanaさん(@rurunani2)が投稿した写真 -


Basic information

Name: Amanohashidate View Land
Prefecture: Kyoto
Area: Northern Kyoto area (around Miyazu and Amanohashidate)
Postal code: 626-0001
Address: Monju, Miyazu city, Kyoto
Tel: 0772-22-5304
Closed: No closed day (only one day in February in an year)

・February 21~July 20 9:00~17:00
・July 21~August 20 8:30~18:00
・August 21~October 20 9:00~17:00
・October 21~February 20 9:00~16:30

※Hours vary depending on season


●Entrance fee

・Adult (12 years or older) / 850 yen
・Child (Elementary school 6-12 years)/450 yen
・Small child (from 0-6 years)/A small child accompanied by one adult is free, from second small child is charged accordingly.

※The fee includes the lift and monorail fares as well as entrance fee.
※For following attractions additional fee is charged.

●Attraction fee

・Archery 500 yen/person ※with 10 arrows
・Go Kart 300 yen/person~500 yen/2 people

・Merry-Go-Round 300 yen/person
・Kiddie ride 1 machine 200 yen/once
・Cycle car 300 yen/person ~500 yen/2 people
・Ferris Wheel 300 yen/person
・Tile throwing 300 yen/once

Parking: No

※Many parkings nearby.
※For Amanohashidate parking information, please see the access information below.

Official site: http://www.viewland.jp/

Useful information

10 minutes walk from the nearest station: Yes
Credit card: Not accepted
Purpose: Friends/Date/Family/Solo/Group
Foreign language speaking staff: Unknown
Free Wi-Fi: Unknown
Average stay time: Approx.1H or more
Other useful information:

※For a map of Amanohashidate please download from here.
A map of Amanohashidate here

※To the mountaintop (Amanohashidate View Land) visitors ride on lifts or monorail. Not possible to climb with car not on foot.
※Lift is available at anytime, and it takes 6 minutes to the top. Monorail runs every 20 minutes and takes 7 minutes to the top.
※Rental wheelchair available. No baby stroller available.
※Nursing room is located near the Ferris wheel.

2, First thing to do on the mountaintop - see Flying Dragon between your legs!

From the ground to the mountaintop, you take lift or monorail. You can take your favorite one as the fee remains the same.
But please take note that the lift is running always and possible to ride whenever you want, but the monorails runs every 20 minutes and you are supposed to wait.


A shot in the middle of the way up to the mountaintop.


@konom111が投稿した写真 -


You can see Amanohashidate already.
It is quite thrilling and different from the monorail.
If you accompany small children or elderly people, it would be better to take the monorail.

Up to the top it takes 6 or 7 minutes.
Observatory hill is right there when you get off the lift or monorail.
Let's enjoy "One of Japan's most beautiful sceneries, Amanohashidate" below seen from the South, and breath in fresh air on the mountaintop.

@sg___ttが投稿した写真 -


But you might not be satisfied with just seeing it.
On the observatory there are some "benches for seeing the view between your legs". Let's stand on the bench with Amanohashidate on your back and see it again from between your legs.

妮琪さん(@nickybabe)が投稿した写真 -


しんたさん(@shin.221)が投稿した写真 -


If you see it upside down, the view looks like a dragon flying toward the sky, therefore this is called "Hiryukan (Flying dragon watching)". The idea to see the scenery upside down is remarkable.


In addition, there is a big board with the name "Amanohashidate" close to the bench, and this is a popular spot for taking photo.
Please check it out.

3, Recommended attraction of Amanohashidate View Land

Besides to observatory, there are various attractions facilitated in Amanohashidate View Land.
In order to try these attractions, you need to buy tickets that are sold in the vending machines in the park.

Ticket counter in Amanohashidate View Land

If you want to enjoy several attractions, a book of coupon tickets is a good deal which costs 1,000 yen for the value of 1,100 yen use. There is no kind of free pass ticket.

Feel refreshed with superb view! "Cycle car"

masanoᵕ̈さん(@03n0_k)が投稿した写真 -


"Cycle car" is recommended especially for spouses and couples among attractions.

You can make a circle ride on the rail built on a higher land in the park, and you can overlook Amanohashidate from higher place than observatory.

●Cycle car fare
1 person/300 yen
2 people/500 yen

"Ferris wheel" in which you can enjoy superb view with small children

coniさん(@coni__tan)が投稿した写真 -


"Ferris wheel", a must item in amusement park is of course facilitated in Amanohashidate View Land.

When the Ferris wheel goes half round up to the highest, you can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view.

●Ferris wheel fare
1 person/300 yen

"Throwing ceramic tile" aiming at puzzle ting! If the tile goes through it, your dream may come true!?


"Throwing ceramic tile" is a game hoping to cast out evils and throwing "kawarake (unglazed ceramics and dry clay plates)" from high panoramic place.

Its origin is believed to be Kyoto, and it began widespread as an entertainment in a drinking party.

Even now this game is played in some touristic places and so is it in Amanohashidate View Land.

People throw ceramic tiles to go through "puzzle ring" tied on the end of a long bar. If it goes through, then your dream may come true!? Why don't you challenge it for a good memory??

●Throwing ceramic tile fee
1 time/300 yen

"Hiryukan corridor" is a recommended photo spot!! Free of charge!


It is not an attraction, but "Hiryukan corridor" with 250 meters length and maximum 8.5 meter height is recommended.

Originally this place used to be roller coaster course, and the upper part of the corridor is made to symbolize a body of "Dragon". Here entrance is free and you can enjoy 360 degrees panoramic scenery at your own pace. This is good place to take pictures.

Varied attractions for kids, too!

komariさん(@joi_etc)が投稿した写真 -


There are several facilities designed for small children and kids in Amanohashidate View Land.
Please see the park map from here.

Amanohashidate View Land map

Visiting with family is good because there are Merry-Go-Round, Go-kart, SL Benkei (train), Kiddies and archery.

For all attractionsplease go to official site of Amanohashidate View Land.

4, Taste local specialty "clam bowl" in a nice view restaurant for lunch!

There is an observatory restaurant in Amanohashidate View Land and it is good for lunch place.

Especially local gourmet products "Clam bowl" and "Clam Udon noodles" are excellent!
Even before you put it in your mouth the clam savory makes you hungry.

Local specialty in Amanohashidate "Clam bowl"

Voluminous! "Sauce cutlet clam bowl"

Quote: Tabelog/http://tabelog.com/kyoto/A2609/A260901/26017812/

The most delicious broth "clam udon noodles"

Quote: Tabelog/http://tabelog.com/kyoto/A2609/A260901/26017812/

Dishes with clams are popular and all of them were delicious!

Of course, it is good to have lunch of seafood gourmet at the mountain foot after visiting View Land!

"Hashidate jaya", a famous tea house but serving good clam bowls, is local people's favorite.
The elegant lunch with Kyoto's ancient capital atmosphere is recommended.

Quote: Hashidate chaya official HP/http://www.hashidate-chaya.jp/

Information of Hashidate jaya

Postal code: 626-0001
Address: Amanohashidate park, Monju, Miyazu city, Kyoto
Tel: 0772-22-3363
Closed: Thursday ※No closing during Summer season

5, Reviews from previous visitors to Amanohashidate View Land

Here we have reviews written by previous visitors to "Amanohashidate View Land".

Translate : Came to Amanohashidate View Land
So beautiful view
All 3 times success in throwing the tiles

Translate : Went to Amanohashidate☆★Enjoyed the lift(*^_^*)The scenery with the sea was beautiful( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Translate : Had never been to Amanohashidate, and I dropped by. It may well be a famous superb view. Amanohashidate View Land was a zoo-like on mountain top, and there were many families. Bustling.

As Amanohashidate View Land is near from the JR station "Amanohashidate" and it's easy to access to good view spot, many people visit there.
In addition, reviews like "Enjoyed lift ride experience" and "good for family" were seen.

Please check them for you own visit planning.

6, Comments from EnjoyJapan! Editorial dept.

The most attractive amusement in Amanohashidate View Land is ”view between your two legs".
The scenery itself is beautiful, but see it upside down - very unique attraction.
And it's good as there are attractions which adults can enjoy such as climbing the mountain with lift and throwing the tiles. It would not be easy to find a silent place for just adults as there are many families.




7, Access to Amanohashidate View Land

Postal code: 626-0001
Address: Monju, Miyazu city, Kyoto
Tel: 0772-22-5304

From Osaka or Kyoto direction

Take Kyoto Tango railway via JR Fukuchiyama line, get off at "Amanohashidate"station approx.2 hours
From "Fukuchiyama" station, take Kyoto Tango railway and get off at "Amanohashidate", 5 minutes walk

From Osaka/Umeda tale Hankyu bus or Tango Kairiku kotsu bus to Amanohashidate. Approx.2h 40 Minutes
From Kyoto take Tango Kairiku kotsu bus to Amanohashidate. Approx.2 Hours

From Miyazu・Amanohashidate IC 10 minutes

Parking information around Amanohashidate

In Amanohashidate area there are private and public parkings (to be charged).
Please note that during weekends it is crowded.

●Useful parking information

Amanohashidate Chionji parking

Capacity: Middle size car 400
Fee: Middle size 600 yen ※Whole day
Tel: 0772-22-2574

8, Recommended hotel & Inns in Amanohashidate

※to be prepared

9, Recommended information around Amanohashidate View Land

※to be prepared

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