Sightseeing in Hyogo

Popular in online reviews! How to enjoy aquarium "Kinosaki Marine World" where you can touch dolphins and experience to be a trainer and discount information on good deal.

"Kinosaki", one of the best sightseeing spot located in northern Hyogo prefecture.

Speaking of Kinosaki, most people think of Kinosaki hot springs. Wearing Yukata (cotton kimono)visit several public hot springs and stroll around the town in the evening. In addition, many tourists come here for Kinosaki crabs in Winter.

But some people would say "I need more than hot springs!."

Well, this time we feature "Kinosaki Marine World" which is recommended for active outdoor lovers.

"Kinosaki Marine World" is known as one of the best "hands-on experience aquariums" in Japan, which enable the visitors not only to watch the fish and animals, but also to make dolphins do something or to watch penguins walking in front of you, to fish horse mackerel and to touch living creatures. This is the place where you can enjoy unique various experiences.

Besides, there are rich and varied event attractions such as dolphins & sea lions show, seals' diving and sea lions swimming! There are relatively calm indoor aquarium area and restaurants, so you can stay and enjoy for an entire day.

There are many "highlights" in the aquarium, and if you want to see all of them without overlooking anything, it's better to plan your visit well beforehand.

Now, let's introduce "attractions of Kinosaki Marine World" which is must place for Kinosaki sightseeing, together with reviews of previous visitors, good deal discount information and tips for efficient routing in the aquarium!

Table of contents for this article

1. Basic and useful information of Kinosaki Marine World
2. Animals and experience attraction in Kinosaki Marine World
3. Efficient route planning in Kinosaki Marine World and things good to know
4. Discount admission ticket, advance ticket, and one year passport of good deal
5. Restaurants, coffee shops and lunch information in Kinosaki Marine World
6. Not only animals! Don't miss "Sanin coast", a superb view designated as National park
7. Reviews from previous visitors to Kinosaki Marine World
8. Comments from EnjoyJapan! Editorial dept.
9. Access to Kinosaki Marine World
10. Recommended information around Kinosaki Marine World

1.Basic and useful information of Kinosaki Marine World

Basic information

Kinosaki Marine World Sea Zoo

Name: Kinosaki Marine World
Prefecture: Hyogo
Area: Hyogo northern area (around Kinosaki)
Postal code: 669-6192
Address: 1090 Seto, Toyooka-city, Hyogo
Tel: 0796-28-2300
Closed : No closed day

9:00~17:00 ※Last admission 16:30
※From July 20 to August 31: 9:00~18:00
※During Golden week, Summer season and Obon holidays, open hours may vary.

Admission fee:

Adult/2,470 yen
Child (primary and junior high school 6-15 years)/1,230 yen
Small child (3 years or older)/620 yen

Parking: Yes ※Parking for middle size cars 700 yen
Official site:http://marineworld.hiyoriyama.co.jp/

Useful information

10 minutes from the nearest station: No
Credit card: Not accepted
Purpose: Friends/Date/Family/Solo/Group
Foreign language speaking staff: Unknown
Free Wi-Fi: Unknown
Average stay time: Approx. 3 hours or more
Other useful information:

・Coin lockers available at bus stop
※Fee: large 500 yen, small 300 yen.

・Although baby stroller and wheel chairs are available for free rent at the entrance, there is no guarantee during crowded seasons.

2. Animals and experience attractions in Kinosaki Marine World

From now on let's see the sea creatures in Kinosaki Marine World and hands-on experience attractions.

Nothing more popular than this! Dolphins and sea lions show

Kinosaki Marine World Dolphins and sea lions show

If you come to Kinosaki Marine World, you can't miss "Dolphin and sea lions show".
Powerful and big dolphins and lovely sea lions entertain you with their awe-inspiring arts.
Swim incredibly fast, catch a ball, dance and jump to sky high...


At the end of the show a person selected from the audience can make a dolphin do as he indicates,

Kinosaki Marine World Dolphins and sea lions show

misakiさん(@mskchichi)が投稿した写真 -


or pats dolphin's head,


be kissed,

22.さん(@rxnx_67)が投稿した写真 -


and a lot of extraordinary experiences!
The show lasts 25 minutes and takes place 5 times a day. So please check it out and plan in your schedule.

Amazingly powerful! A giant seal dives from rocky mountains.

Kinosaki Marine World Seal diving TUBE

Next recommended attraction is "Seal diving".
This attraction is carried out in a 12-meter wide huge tank "TUBE area".

A giant body seal skillfully climbs steep rocky mountain and shows a handstand on the top. And after that he dives into a pool!

The front line of 2F seats is splash zone, and if you want to watch it more closely, these seats are good for you.

Oryさん(@rnx9)が投稿した写真 -


Astonishing! Sea lions swim incredibly fast in the TUBE tank!

Kinosaki Marine World TUBE sea lions

"Sea lions swimming" in the same TUBE tank is also quite exciting.
Sea lions shows various performances in a cylindrical water tank of 12 meters length.

Swims incredibly fast,
smiles lovely at the audience,
or throws a kiss

It is sure that you will be surprised with sea lions ability and intelligence!

These attractions are more fun to watch on basement floor, because it can't be seen well from the above.

Kinosaki Marine World TUBE sea lions


Fishing and eating! Horse mackerel fishing experience

出典:Kinosaki Marine World Official site

In fishing area you can experience even "horse mackerel fishing".

The idea, fishing in an aquarium, is a bit puzzling, but take it easy, once you start you can just enjoy it.

It's popular among adults and children!
The most joyful and cheerful attraction for family.

Admission to this area requires extra fee and fishing rod with feed costs 650 yen. When the string is cut after use, the time is over.

Furthermore, you can eat the horse mackerel which you caught as "Tempura" in this area! Very thoughtful service! :)



It's gorgeous to have a bite of fried fish that you caught on the same spot.This attraction is recommended to both of adults and children, so please try it.

Just for your information, 50 yen is needed to fry each fish. If you get too many fish, don't worry, you can give them back to the stuff who is in charge of this attraction.
Enjoy fishing around noon, and eating them for your lunch is a good idea.

yukaさん(@321rabbity)が投稿した写真 -


@acorotiが投稿した写真 -


Fresh fish, just fried looks delicious!

3, Efficient route planning in Kinosaki Marine World and things good to know

Kinosaki Marine World Sea Zoo, the deepest water tank in Japan

There are a lot of attractions in Kinosaki Marine World, but if you do not plan properly and just walk around, you may miss good ones and have to walk for long in vain which make your legs tired.

Here are some tips for efficient route planning in the expansive aquarium park.

Kinosaki Marine World is divided in "roughly 7 areas".
Please get the picture of the map.

Kinosaki Marine World map and facilities information

This is the Kinosaki Marine World map.

Kinosaki Marine World Map
Quote:Kinosaki Marine World official site/http://marineworld.hiyoriyama.co.jp/

Download Kinosaki Marine World map (PDF)

1: Sea Zoo
"Aquarium to feel" with many attractions such as giant salamander, walrus and the deepest water tank in Japan

2: DiVE
An area where you can experience unknown world. You may feel as if you were swallowed up in the sea in Dive Adventure or can touch starfish and urchins in a rocky place where the tide rises and falls.

Athletic field for sea creatures. Must see sea lions swimming in the TUBE water tank of 12-meter width!

4: Fishing1
Horse mackerel fishing area, where adults and children can spend fun time.

5: Sea Land Stadium
Dynamic show of dolphins, sea lions and penguins area, located in a cove where audience seats and the stage very close.

6: Dolphin Tank
You can touch dolphins more closely than Sea Land.

7: Aqua Palace
Watch sea world movies in Magic aquarium and on powerful Dynamic vision.

Visitors are supposed to follow the areas from number 1 to 7.

However, the show attractions we have introduces take place in each area according to fixed schedule.

This is the"Kinosaki Marine World Attraction Schedule information".

As you may see, various events are carried out in different areas.

If you want to see the attractions as many as possible, you have to make a plan well. But for the first time visitors, it's not easy to imagine in which order you need to make routing plan if you have only the attraction schedule.

Don't worry!

There is a pamphlets and information flyers stand at the entrance behind the ticket counter.

Kinosaki Marine World Attraction Schedule

On the right raw "recommended course maps" are available.

On the white pamphlets you can see which routing plan is the most efficient depending on what time you arrive at the aquarium!

It enables you to make a plan such as:
"Watch this at what time"
"And then move there to watch that from what time"

What a thoughtful aquarium....
If you visit for the first time, please take the Kinosaki Marine World course map and make full use of it.

You can also arrange and modify orders according to your priority.

There is no "correct answer" for routing plan as it varies depending on how many people you are or on visiting time.

It's important that you remember the map and the schedule, so that you can take your preferred route as much as you can, being flexible.

As a previous visitor, I would like to recommend "going to the next place as fast and early as possible", which is applicable to any attraction.

If you start moving exactly when an attraction is ending, or a little bit earlier, to the next attraction, you can avoid crowd, get good seats, and stay calm. There are various merits in this way.

4, Discount admission ticket, advance ticket, and one year passport of good deal

Kinosaki Marine World half price discount ticket Kinparo

There used to be discounted advance tickets of Kinosaki Marine World sold in convenient stores, but now they are not available anymore unfortunately. But there are some ways to get good deal tickets.

a.combination discount plan for highway bus and admission ticket

Quote: Zentanbus official site/http://www.zentanbus.co.jp

If you come from Osaka or Kobe, it would be better to buy the combination ticket which includes Kinosaki Marine World admission and bus fare. Zentan bus company deal with the combination tickets of express bus for "Kobe-Kinosaki hot springs" or "Osaka-Kinosaki hot springs" and regular buses and Kinosaki Marine World ticket .

Prices of the tickets are as follows:

【From Osaka】

Adult (18 years or older)/7,500 yen (Normal total amount: 10,490 yen)
Highschool students (15-18 years)/7,000 yen (Normal total amount:10,490 yen)
Junior high school students (12-15 years)/6,000yen(Normal total amount:9,250 yen)
Primary school children (6-12 years)/3,750yen(Normal total amount:3,750 yen)

【From Kobe】

Adult (18 years or older)/7,000yen(Normal total amount:9,690yen)
Highschool students (15-18 years)/6,500yen(Normal total amount:9,690yen)
Junior high school students (12-15 years)/5,500yen(Normal total amount:8,450yen)
Primary school children (6-12 years)/3,500yen(Normal total amount:4,850yen)

If you come from Osaka you can save 2,990 yen at maximum for adult, so please check it out.
For detailsplease visit Zentan bus official site.

b. If you stay at hotel "Kinparo" ticket price will be half discounted

Hotel Kinparo

Hotel "Kinparo" is a bit luxury hot spring hotel located next to Kinosaki Marine World.

It's 2 minutes walking distance and guests of the hotel will get half price discount ticket which is valid for two days.
For detailsplease visit official site of hotel"Kinparo".

As the discount ticket is valid for two days, you could visit twice and on the second day see what you missed on the first visit. For your information, if you follow the routing orders up to Aqua Palace, the hotel "Kinparo" is just there because it is connected with Aqua Palace.

c. Use one year passport

Sale of one year passport started from April 15, 2016.

Quote: Kinosaki Marine World/http://marineworld.hiyoriyama.co.jp

Prices of one year passports as below:

Child(Primary and Junior high school students (6-15 years))/3,500yen
Small child(3 years or older)/1,500yen

The aquarium is renowned as "whenever you come, there is something new!", and that would be why there are many repeating visitors.
If you are adult and visit more than 3 times, the passport would be reasonable.

5, Restaurants, coffee shops and lunch information in Kinosaki Marine World

Besides rich and varied attractions, there are some coffee shops and gourmet facilities where you can have a lunch and take a rest in "Kinosaki Marine World".

Outside there are one restaurant "Cafe & Restaurant Terrace" and one coffee shop.
Inside one restaurant "Sealand restaurant" and two coffee shops.

As "Sealand Restaurant" inside the Marine World is quite crowded depending on day of week and time, it would be better to think about the other options.

"Cafe & Restaurant Terrace" is stylish appearance and open restaurant. Window seats are especially recommended because you can see the sea.

Quote: Tabelog/http://tabelog.com/hyogo/A2808/A280801/28022437/

Buy the way, re-entry is possible in the Marine World, but when you go out, you need to announce it at the gate and getre-entrance ticket,otherwise you can not enter anymore, be careful!

6, Not only animals! Don't miss "Sanin coast", a superb view designated as National park

When you come to an aquarium, you usually pay attention to animals. But here in Kinosaki Marine World, there are recommended spots inside.

Superb view spot 1 in Kinosaki Marine World

First of all, superb view along the coast from "3:TUBE area" to "4:Fishing area".

In front of you, there is expansive "San-in coast geopark" registered as a National park, and you can feel sea breeze admiring the beauty of the coast.

Kinosaki Marine World San-in coast Superb view

And there are shops which sell alcoholic drinks and ice cream, so sitting on bench and taking a rest are awesome nice feeling!

Kinosaki Marine World Bench of eating and drinking spot

Kinosaki Marine World Eating and drinking spot

Kinosaki Marine World Rest spot

Superb view spot 2 Kinosaki Marine World

Next, I would like to introduce a hidden spot, highland from "6:Dolphin Tank" to "7:Aqua Palace".

A lot of people go back from Dolphin tank to the exit without seeing Aqua Palace, but please come up there. You can see very beautiful cave which shines in emerald green below.

Kinosaki Marine World San-in coast Superb view

The balance of blue sky, deep green and shining emerald, this is absolutely superb view!
If you come here, why don't you take photo of the beautiful National park in addition to animals photos?

7, Reviews by previous visitors to Kinosaki Marine World

Here are reviews written by previous visitors to Kinosaki Marine World.
I hope they are useful for your own visit.

Translate : Kinosaki hot springs&Kinosaki Marine World was good!

Translate : Kinosaki Marine World is constructed at natural cave and cliff, and the scenery is interesting as there are a lot of outdoor exbitions.

Translate : Kinosaki Marine World was too fun
I don't remember when I came here when I was small
sea lions are too cute
Japan sea is beautiful, Wow

Translate : Kinosaki Marine World was fun♡
It was happy holiday♡

We can see from the reviews that the visitors were very satisfied!

8, Comments from EnjoyJapan! Editorial dept.

Kinosaki Marine World is absolutely highly recommended sightseeing spot for "family", "friends" and "couple".

It is especially ideal for "family".

As there are few places where children can play in day time around Kinosaki hot springs area, experience style of Kinosaki Marine World is a great pleasure for kids for sure.

Access is not bad as it is located 5-10 minutes driving distance from Kinosaki hot springs town.
It is also enjoyable if you are adults or friends.

Kinosaki Marine World dolphin sea lion show

Plus, in 5 minutes driving (or maybe walking) from Kinosaki Marine World distance there is a famous fish paste shop "Futakata kamaboko".

The steamed fish paste was delicious!
I recommended it!
It can be an option of souvenirs from Kinosaki!

Futakata kamaboko

Futakata kamaboko

Futakata kamaboko shrimp ball

9, Access to Kinosaki Marine World

Postal code: 669-6192
Address: Seto 1090, Toyooka city, Hyogo

Get off at "Kinosaki Onsen" station of JR line and take a bus bound for "Hiyoriyama" for 10 minutes, and get off at the last stop
Bus runs 1 or 2 times an hour

From Osaka/approx.2H45minutes
From Kyoto/approx.2H20minutes
From Kobe/approx.2H30minutes

Zentan bus direct line for Kinosaki

From Osaka/approx.3H10minutes (departing from Hankyu sanbangai)
From Kobe/approx.3H10minutes (departing from Sannomiya)

10, Recommended information around Kinosaki Marine World

【Hanging out】

Visiting public hot springs in "Kinosaki hot springs" which is well-known in Hyogo! Enjoy the best and luxury winter amusement in day trip hot spring as much as you want!

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