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Focus on the highlights of "Kurama Temple", a popular power spot in Kyoto! Also recommended hiking course information to Kifune Jinja!

In front of Nio mon gate of Kurama Temple

In front of Nio mon gate of Kurama Temple
"Kurama Temple" is well known as a spiritual place in Kyoto.
It is located on Kurama mountain in Northern area of Kyoto city, and many tourists visit there all through the year.

Long long time ago, when "Minamoto no Yoshitsune" (a war warrior of 12th century) was a child and called Ushiwakamaru, he used to live in this temple. There is another famous legend in this temple, which is,"Tengu goblins live in Kurama mountain". At the exit of "Kurama" station, there is a big symbolic statue of Kurama Tengu.

The historic and legendary temple "Kurama Temple" is now popular as a spiritual place and many people visit the temple to stand on "Kongosho" (golden floor) in "Honden Kondo" (main hall) in order to receive the energy.

Besides, cherry blossom in Spring in the precinct of "Honden Kondo" is beautiful and in Autumn the mountains around Kuramayama are stunning scenery.

In addition, there is a hiking course which leads to another spiritual place "Kifune Jinja" from Kurama Temple, and there are numerous historic sites on the way.

This edition features the numerous highlights of "Kurama Temple", a popular spiritual place, and recommended hiking course up to Kifune Jinja.

Table of contents for this article

1, Basic and useful information of Kurama Temple
2, Highlights of "Kurama Temple", a popular spiritual place!
3, Recommended hiking course from Kurama Temple to Kifune Jinja!
4, Kurama Temple Seen by Google Street View
5, Reviews of Kurama Temple
6, Comments from EnjoyJapan! Editorial dept.
7, Access to Kyoto "Kurama Temple"
8, Recommended information around Kurama Temple

1, Basic and useful information of Kurama Temple

Basic information

Quote: instagram/from_atomさん

Name: Kurama dera
Name in English: KURAMA Temple
Prefecture: Kyoto
Area: Kyoto city area (Kurama, Kifune)
Postal code: 601-1111
Address: 1074 Kurama Honmachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto city, Kyoto
Tel: 075-741-2003
Closed day: No closed day
Visiting hours: 24 hours
Visiting fee: Free
Parking: No

※But there are parkings to be charged around the temple.

official site:http://www.kuramadera.or.jp/index.html

Useful information

Less than 10 minutes walk from the nearest station:No
Credit card: Not accepted
Purpose: Friends/Date/Family/Alone/Group
Foreign language speaking staff: Unknown
Free Wi-Fi: Unknown
Average stay time: Approx. 1 hour or more
Other useful information:

・As there is a hiking course from Kurama Temple to Kifune Jinja, visiting "Kurama and Kifune" area togather is recommended.
・Kurama Temple is beautiful especially during the scarlet maple leaves season in Autumn.

2, Highlights of "Kurama Temple", a popular power spot!

"Kurama Temple" is popular as a spiritual place in Kyoto.
Let's take a look at the highlights of the well known Kutama Temple.

"Kurama Tengu" statue, located at the exit of Kurama station

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A local specialty of Kurama, "Kurama Tengu" is standing imposingly in front of Kurama station of Eizan train.
Please take memorial photo together with the red nose Tengu.

The first highlight in Kurama Temple "Nio mon (Sanmon)" gate

Quote: instagram/ikuminnie0111さん

Quote: instagram/kaztak1972さん

Please check out the first highlight of Kurama Temple, "Nio mon (Sanmon)" (guardian gods) gate.
It is located soon after Kurama station. When you go through the gate, please take a look at the statues of the guardian gods on your both sides.

Highlight of Tsuzuraori sando (approach to the main hall)

There are many important spots on the way up to "Honden Kondo, Kongo sho" of Kurama Temple.

●Hojochi (pond)

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This is Hojochi pond.

●Yuki Jinja

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This is "Yuki Jinja",a famous site for fire festival in Kurama.

Highlights of "Honden Kondo, Kongo sho" of Kurama Temple

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This is "Honden Kondo" (main hall) of Kurama Temple, where Minamoto no Yoshitsune (Ushiwakamaru) used to live a long time ago.

Quote: instagram/color_smithさん

This is a view of Kongo sho floor from a bird's eye.
This is the famous spiritual place in Kurama Temple.

Quote: instagram/aaaa_iaaoさん

The view from "Honden Kondo" is one of the highlights in Kurama Temple.
Please enjoy the scenery of mountains around Kuramayama.

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In Spring, cherry blossom is beautiful, and many people come here to admire the flowers.
Kurama Temple is well known for a view spot of cherry blossom in Kyoto.

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And in Autumn, maple leaves are stunning.
Scarlet leaves of Kurama Temple, especially the view of the mountains from "Honden Kondo" is spectacular.

Important spots on the hiking course from Kurama Temple to Kifune Jinja

●"Kinone michi" (tree roots)

Quote: instagram/etsuko.uさん

On the hiking course, tree roots make amazing arabesque pattern.
Sun lights shine between the trees, which make mysterious scenery.

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See closer and feel the great vitality and power!

●Yoshitsune Do (shrine)

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This is Yoshitsune Do shine.

●Mao Den (Devil hall)

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This is Mao Den (Devil hall) located closer to Kifune Jinja on the hiking course.

3, Recommended hiking course from Kurama Temple to Kifune Jinja!

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Visit to "Kurama Temple" is ideal not only for spiritual place but also for hiking.
Here is information of recommended hiking course from Kurama Temple.

Recommended hiking course from Kurama Temple to Kifune Jinja

●Explanation of the course:

This is a course from "Kurama" station of Eizan train, visit to Kumara Temple, and go to Kifune Jinja.

●Contents of the course:

1, "Kurama" station of Eizan train

walking 3 minutes

2, San mon (Nio mon) gate

walking 5 minutes

3, Yuki jinja

Tsuzuraori sando approach/walking 20 minutes

4, Kurama Temple Honden Kondo, Kongo sho (main hall and golden floor)

walking 30 minutes

5, Mao Den (Devil hall)

walking 20 minutes

6, Kifune Jinja

walking 40 minutes

7, Kifuneguchi station of Eizan train

Round trip hiking course from Kurama station to Kurama Temple main hall

●Explanation of the course:

This is a course from Kurama station of Eizan train, visit Kurama Temple "Honden Kondo, Kongo sho" and come back the same way.

●Contents of the course:

【One way】

1, Kurama station

walking 3 minutes

2, San mon (Nio mon) gate

walking 2 minutes

3, Fumyoden ※Sanmon station of cable car

2 minutes by cable car

4, Tahoto station of cable car

walking 10 minutes

5, Kurama Temple Honden Kondo, Kongo sho (main hall and golden floor)

●Fare of the cable car:

Adult/One way 200 yen
Primary school kids or younger /One way 100 yen

Mostly those two hiking courses are common ones.
I hope it will be useful for your visit.

▶For your information: For hiking, please see the map of Kuramayama.

4, Kurama Temple seen by Google Street View

You can see "Nio mon (Sanmon)" gate of Kurama Temple and view around "Honden Kondo".

"Nio mon (Sanmon)" gate of Kurama Temple

View around "Honden Kondo" of Kurama Temple

5, Reviews of Kurama Temple

Here are reviews from previous visitors to Kurama Temple.

As we have seen, you can visit Kurama Temple on foot or by cable car. Some say it is a good short trip. The hiking course from Kurama Temple to Kifune Jinja is mountain road which may require physical strength. Most previous visitors seem satisfied and would like to come again attracted by the charm of Kurama Temple.

6, Comments from EnjoyJapan! Editorial dept.

Quote: instagram/kenmaya.1banさん

When it comes to spiritual place in Kyoto, "Kurama Temple" is always on the list. In this area"Kifune Jinja"and Kurama Temple are popular sightseeing spots as they can be visited on the same day. Kurama Temple visit starts from "Kurama no Tengu" at the exit of "Kurama" station of Eizan dentetsu, and there are various spots to see through "Nio mon (Sanmon)" gate up to "Honden Kondo". It is good distance for hiking, but if you would not like walking, there is cable car on the way. Please go up tp "Honden Kondo" (the main hall" and enjoy the scenery from there.

In addition, cherry blossom in Spring and Autumn leaves are beautiful. Scarlet maple leaves in mountains are especially beautiful and highly recommended.

If you are good walkers, please try hiking course which leads you to Kifune Jinja after visiting Kurama Temple "Honden Kondo".

After arriving at Kifune and visiting Kifune Jinja, it is recommended for adults to enjoy Japanese cuisine at Kawadoko(summer time dinning by the river) with negative ions of Kifune river.

If you don't feel like hiking, there is another attraction. After visiting Kurama Temple,
"Kurama onsen" is a good place to heal your tiredness in one day visit outdoor hot spring.

I hope this would be useful for your visit.

7, Access to Kyoto "Kurama Temple"

Postal code: 601-1111
Address: 1074 Kurama Honmachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto city, Kyoto
Tel: 075-741-2003

【From Osaka direction】

・Get off at "Demachi yanagi" station of Keihan line. Take Eizan train and get off at "Kurama" station. 3 minutes walking to Nio mon (Sanmon) gate.

(Train & bus or Taxi)
・Take Kyoto city metro Karasuma line, get off at "Kokusai kaikan" station. Take Kyoto city bus bound for "Kurama onsen" and get off at "Kurama".

8, Recommended information around Kurama Temple

【Article related to sightseeing】

A must see spiritual place in Kyoto! "Kifune Jinja" famous for water and matchmaking.

【Article related to gourmet】

Enjoy coolness in "Hirobun" where Nagashi Somen and Kawadoko ryori are local specialty!

【Article related to entertainment】

Enjoy outdoor hot spring surrounded by mountains feeling the season! A popular one day visit hot spring in Kyoto, "Kurama onsen"

1074 Kurama Honmachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto city, Kyoto
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