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"Tenpozan Big Ferris Wheel"! Admire the superb night view of Osaka from 112m height!

Big Ferris Wheel in night time

Big Ferris Wheel in night time
In the Osaka Bay area, Kaiyukan aquarium and their whale shark in huge tank is famous, but Tenpozan Ferris Wheel is especially stand out in Tenpozan area.
You can figure out its enormous size from a distance but you will be much more amazed when you look it up from the bottom .

This Ferris Wheel is 112.5 meters height from the ground and one of the World's largest Ferris Wheel. The night view of Osaka from the world's highest gondola is perfectly superb! Enjoy the exclusive 360 degrees view.

And the Big Ferris Wheel has special gondola "See-through gondola"!
Up and down, right and left sides of gondola are transparent so you can enjoy full of thrills.

Furthermore, the night illumination called "Big Ferris Wheel and Art of light" shows the weather forecast by direction of LED light and other beautiful Arts made by light. So you can enjoy even in the outside of Gondola.

In the Tenpozan area, we recommend you to enjoy Kaiyukan Aquarium and Big Ferris Wheel together. Please come and try!

Table of Contents for this article

1,Basic information
2,Useful information
3,Best point of Big Ferris Wheel!
4,Access information
5,Value Ticket of Big Ferris Wheel
6,Recommended information around Tenpozan Big Ferris Wheel

1,Basic information

Tenpozan Big Ferris Wheel

Name: Tenpozan Daikanransya
Prefecture: Osaka
Area: Osaka city (Bay area)
Address: 3-11-8 Chikko, Minato-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Closed day: No scheduled holiday same as Kaiyukan Aquarium
※Kaiyukan Aquarium information/http://www.kaiyukan.com/info/hours/


10:00〜22:00 ※ Ticket office close at 21:30
Special period/

Ticket price: ¥800 (age 3 or older)

※ Children before elementary school must take with adults

Car Parking: 〇
Official web site:http://www.senyo.co.jp/tempozan/index.html

2,Useful information

The comment from EnjoyJapan! Edit dept: The view from the world's highest Ferris Wheel is specially recommended!

Less than 10 min walk from a station: ◯
Credit Card: ☓
Accompanied with: friend/date/family/girls group
Staff who can speak foreign language: Unknown
Free Wi-Fi: Unknown
Duration: about 30 min~
Value ticket: ¥100 discount ticket ※ available in the end of this page
Best time for visit: in the night time!

3,Best point of Big Ferris Wheel

We introduce some best points of Tenpozan Big Ferris Wheel.

The highest in the world.112.5 meters high from the ground

view from the bottom of Big Ferris Wheel

Even thought looking up from its bottom is amazing, but from the 112.5 meters height you can see the panoramic view of Osaka Plain and night view is magnific!

See-through gondola is full of thrills!

See-through gondola
Source by:Official web site/http://www.kaiyukan.com/thv/ferriswheel/

Because up and down, right and left all sides are transparent, See-through gondola is full of thrills! The view from your step makes you so excited.
Hope you aren't afraid of height...

Weather forecast!? "Arts of Light" has started!

Arts of Light
Source by:Official web site/http://www.kaiyukan.com/thv/ferriswheel/

You can enjoy the Ferris Wheel by not only taking it but also looking at from the outside. Night time illumination is very lovely.
This illumination called "Big Ferris Wheel and Arts of Light", performs weather forecast, fire works and Letters by LED light.
Let's see and enjoy the Big Ferris Wheel from outside.

4,Access information

Address: 3-11-8 Chikko, Minato-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Tel: 06-6576-6222
Transportation (by Train):
5 min walk from Osaka subway line "Osaka ko" station

5,Value ticket

At the official web site, you can get the ¥100 discount coupon.

※Coupon has the term of validity.
※Please print the coupon in advance.
※Screen of cellphone is not accepted

Please see the details at the official web site.

■¥100 discount ticket is here

6,Recommended information around Tenpozan Big Ferris wheel


"Kaiyukan Aquarium" Popular Aquarium in Osaka! Let's see the "Whale shark" in the huge tank!

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